Why your company’s next team building event needs to be a scavenger hunt

Be the company hero and earn bonus points by arranging a corporate trail!

If you’re planning a corporate event, you might be surprised to learn that Adventure Clues has just the activity for you. We cater our trails to corporate teams and events.

Our trails are a hands-on activity that require some serious cooperation when working in groups, making them a fantastic team building tool that gets everyone working together to maximise their strengths and build their leadership skills.

Why is a team building event important

When it comes to the workplace, a healthy team environment fosters optimal results and achievements for the company. For the workers, it helps to develop strategic thinking skills.

When working in a team to do a scavenger hunt, communication skills, leadership skills, listening skills and negotiation skills all come into play. Team building activities help employees to build relationships and foster a positive working environment.

Overall, team building activities increase productivity in the workplace. A scavenger hunt corporate event also boosts morale. Who wouldn’t want to work at a place that puts together great activities for their team?

Why choose a scavenger hunt?

The Adventure Clues trails are made up of clues to popular landmarks and hidden city exclusives. These trails are cryptic, so they encourage critical and strategic thinking as well as some great team work and group decision making.

The fact that Adventure Clues leads you around the city means it’s a great day for employees to get out of the office and enjoy the outdoors together, building more personal connections and in turn fostering a better and more supportive work environment.

There are also a lot of other factors that make a scavenger hunt the perfect choice.

Ideal activity for teams

Adventure Clues trails are perfect for team groups of four, so you might even be able to have everyone from a certain department competing against the others. HR vs front of house, anyone?

Competitive Spin

There is a leader board provided at the end of your trail, so you can see which team was the fastest!

A bit of healthy competition in the workplace is always a great motivator for employees to think about their skills and work to their strengths. This is a great trait to carry over to the workplace.

Customise your trail

At Adventure Clues, we can customise your trail to your workplace. If you’d like to have the boss giving a clue via video message, we can add it in. Make it funny and light-hearted to help the teams feel more connected with you as a boss!

We can even tailor the facts and clues to be specific to your company. The more the team knows about your organisation, the better they will do on their trail. They might even learn a little more along the way.

Make a day of it

Bring the teams back together at a special meeting spot where lunch is provided for them. It might be a catered picnic at the Botanic Gardens, or a snack and beverage a carefully selected bar you can drop by in the Secret Sydney Trail.

Most importantly, an Adventure Clues trail is a whole lot of fun. You will even forget that it’s a work activity altogether! So what are you waiting for? View our trails and book your next corporate event today.

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