Unlock the rocks

Select this trail to go on an adventure and discover the incredible history of The Rocks. You will get up close and personal with the living history and heritage of Australia’s first settlement area and Sydney’s oldest streets. Wander down hidden alleyways, into mysterious courtyards, walk the shortest street in Sydney, and watch out for the notorious Rocks Push gang! Along the way we will show you an awesome stop off point to enjoy some beverages if you wish. If you do manage to complete the clues and reach the finish we will provide you with your stats and a detailed explanation of all the sights. So do you have what it takes to Unlock The Rocks?



 Sydney |  Medium |  30$

The colourful characters of The Rocks’ past come alive on this trail of discovery as they challenge you to uncover the interesting back stories of this important area. Your mission is to solve the 14 cryptic clues so that you can uncover the location of the Captains Ship. Can be played at all times but if you fancy hopping into the heritage underground bar then the best time to do the trail is after 4 PM.

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Information & Top Tips:
Price is Per Team. We recommend up to 4 players per team. Simply turn up to the start location and click on the  link we send you to let the clues commence. Make sure your phone has enough battery or you can add other peoples numbers at checkout to also receive the clues. Bring along a pen and paper. More detailed Instructions will be sent to you by email or check the FAQ page.

Start Location

“We thought Adventure Clues was really fun, discovered so much of the city”
“We were super excited about our trip. Thanks to Adventure Clues”


Team NameTimeTotal PointsHints UsedIncorrect AnswersDate
Tran Bam02:01:403550211 Jan 2020
Homo’s01:29:573500011 Jan 2020
Moar Fun Brigade03:45:42350003 Jan 2020
Indecisive Triple Chins01:54:493352218 Jan 2020
Noddy01:23:24325001 Mar 2020
dusky dolphins01:53:11325009 Dec 2019
Almighty Badgers01:55:55325122 Jan 2020
MissingBigG02:06:043250023 Feb 2020
jemash682@icloud.com02:24:42325008 Feb 2020
Locked out02:43:473250019 Feb 2020
Chocolate02:44:013250025 Jan 2020
IVenture01:10:573151025 Aug 2019
Koelsch01:35:01315014 Oct 2019
001:43:143151029 Sep 2019
Parnell Pair02:12:453150114 Sep 2019
002:14:31315015 Oct 2019
4 Left Feet02:25:123052014 Feb 2020
Rusty02:38:303050228 Sep 2019
The Four Amigos03:38:38305117 Oct 2019
Charnee02:34:50295034 Mar 2020
Team Helen!01:37:422850430 Nov 2019
the fam03:22:42285226 Oct 2019
Team BJ02:17:11280325 Jan 2020
on the rocks03:04:09275505 Jan 2020
Bomberjacqui01:36:302701011 Jan 2020
Dunder Mifflin01:57:352651311 Jan 2020
Ryan & Camilla02:04:44265248 Mar 2020
The frenchs strike back02:23:18265248 Feb 2020
Susan02:35:592653313 Sep 2019
The Aspinalls01:34:352601110 Nov 2019
Shakieran02:04:272602012 Jan 2020
Team Heaven02:40:39260363 Dec 2019
Jayo01:39:062551611 Jan 2020
Issy02:01:212552511 Jan 2020
Bronson01:57:022501227 Jan 2020
The Prestigious Seedhouses02:48:312401316 Feb 2020
The Sesh02:10:131753312 Mar 2020
The Max Bens Show01:57:391305120 Dec 2019
Лукойл03:33:3611011622 Feb 2020
006:26:268011910 Aug 2019
Jeremy02:44:35455527 Jul 2019
Rosanna20:46:33-50874 Aug 2019
Boxing Ants22:23:51:40-65397 Mar 2020
002:11:04-120047 Aug 2019
Adventure00:02:12-1250017 Sep 2019
bernadette00:56:17-24011528 Jul 2019

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