The Gift of Adventure

Why a Scavenger Hunt Gift Card is the best gift idea!

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea in Sydney or Melbourne, the Adventure Clues gift card is definitely the answer you seek. Everyone knows that a gift card is a sure winner when it comes to gifting. There is also a growing trend in gifting experiences.

With a lot of people starting to say no to physical items that quickly end up in landfill when it comes to occasions like birthdays and Christmas, this is the best time to start giving gift cards that are full of excitement and adventure.

What can you do with an Adventure Clues Gift Card?

There are three types of action-packed gift cards available from our online store.

The Solo Adventurer

This card is the perfect unique gift idea for birthdays in Sydney and Melbourne. If you know a friend that loves to explore hidden haunts, get about in nature or discover new places, they’ll be thrilled with this gift.

For the low price of $20, it’s also a great gift idea for Secret Santa and Kris Kringle type gifts where there is a price limit. The best thing about an Adventure Clues gift card is that it’s suited to everyone! Corporate gifts for staff, lucky door prizes and just about anything that requires a small gift or kind gesture.

With the solo adventurer, your recipient will be able to complete a trail and unlock hidden gems. It’s an experience they’ll be talking about forever – thanks to you!

The Team Player

This gift card is ideal for anyone who is a little competitive and wants to play against a team, or maybe even complete multiple trails. If they can’t choose between wandering the beautiful Botanic Gardens or finding amazing hidden bars, they’ll be able to do them both.

The Team Player gift card is a great little surprise to take along to a romantic date, allowing you to both do a trail together, stopping in for cocktails or having a packed lunch together. Since this is a great gift card to do together, it’s also a great gift idea for the newly engaged or married couple that loves to get out and about adventuring.

The Competitor

Looking for the perfect idea for your next corporate event? The Competitor gift card offers the opportunity for a group of people to do a trail together – or in competition. This is the perfect gift that offers light-hearted fun, ideal for family reunions, school reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties and just about any gathering that involves a group of fun-loving explorers.

If you’re travelling to Melbourne or Sydney as a group, this card is the number one choice for discovering the cities together while having as much fun as possible on a tour.

So there are all of the details for the best unique gift, date and party ideas in Sydney and Melbourne, all rolled up into a beautiful little gift card.

What are you waiting for? You’ll be the favourite gift giver. Check them out here: https://www.adventureclues.com/gift-card/

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