The Best Tour Experiences Melbourne

The Best Tour Experiences Melbourne

Melbourne is a hot spot of culture, history and exciting tourist destinations in Australia. It’s one of the first stops off an international plane and for a good reason. There’s an abundance of hidden treasures in Melbourne. Some that even the locals are yet to explore, and there’s always something happening. From markets to community events and international showcases, Melbourne is a stand-out destination in not only Australia but the world. Here’s how to find Melbourne’s hidden treasures.

Exploring Melbourne without a helping hand can be a little overwhelming. That’s why there’s so many blogs, websites, tours and businesses dedicated to helping you find the best parts of the beautiful city. One day in Melbourne can enrich your senses and make you feel alive. Now, we’ll give you some tips on how to spend that day and make the most of the magnificent city that is Melbourne, Australia.

Sure, we could go on about which market to visit and which park to see. It all involves planning your own itinerary and trying to cram in destinations while spending extra time researching how far things are from one another. We think the best way to find Melbourne’s hidden treasures for people looking to make the most of things is through a tour. The standard ‘talk-your-ears-off’ tour in the awkward group shuffle is way outdated. Not being able to skip the parts you have no interest in and waiting for the final explanation on that park bench plaque just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Have no fear, we’ve got the solution. Here are our top three tour alternatives for visitors who want to make the most out of Melbourne.

Cafe Walks

Cafe Culture is one of the most buzzing topics in Melbourne, and there are so many little nooks that will set your tastebuds alight with pleasure. It would almost be ludicrous to visit Melbourne without trying an independent cafe. If you live in this grand city, you’ll surely want to make your way through every locally-owned cafe store available.

This is a huge task. Luckily, there are a few Melbourne Cafe and Coffee Culture Walking Tours out there ready to help you discover tantalising treats and high-quality Melbourne coffee.

A quick Google search will reveal some of the most highly rated Coffee Culture Tours in Melbourne, and if you’ve got the time, we recommend them all.

If it’s more of a heavy-hitting meal experience you’re after then you can’t miss the foodie tour. Melbourne is home to the food-Instagramming hipster, and you’ll soon see why. We bet a Melbourne foodie tour will have you reaching for your phone camera and bragging about it, too.

Melbourne Cafes

Self-led Scavenger Hunts

If it’s spectacular sights you’re hunting, then a self-led scavenger hunt is your only option. Adventure Clues are a Melbourne and Sydney scavenger hunt tour provider with a straightforward system. You choose your trail depending on which city and what types of sights you fancy. It could be historical sights, hidden cocktail bars, or botanic gardens!

Once you’ve got your dream destination decided and booked, you get a link to play. You solve clues which lead you to each location and educate you on the place of arrival. It’s a great way to get your mind and body active while also seeing everything worth looking at in as little as a few hours.

Melbourne Scavenger Hunts

Bike Rides

You might think of bustling city life and towering skyscrapers when you think of Melbourne. Did you know there’s actually a lush landscape waiting for anyone who wishes to find it? There are a plethora of free trail biking maps for Melbourne available online. You can find some at Bike Paths, but a quick Google search will unlock many more.

There are plenty of places to hire a bike in Melbourne, so if you’re travelling light, then don’t worry too much. Whether it’s the city or the trees, there’s a trail that will take you around the most beautiful parts of Melbourne. At the same time, you maintain your fitness and feel great about being active.

How to find Melbourne's hidden treasures

Those are our three favourite ways to unlock all that Melbourne has to offer and have fun in the city without having to plan a strenuous itinerary. Touring has never been easier.


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