Street Art Melbourne

Select this trail to discover Melbourne’s most creative and colourful streets. On this trail you will discover one of the most impressive and talked about street art lanes in the world. Take in the dizzying array of colours and solve clues based on the colourful characters you will encounter. There are over 260 lanes and alleyways in Melbourne, all which have a unique bustling hive of activity. Our team has selected the best of this bunch to incorporate the cool hidden bars and best sights. Get your camera at the ready and go ahead with the Melbourne Street Art Adventure Clues challenge.


Street Art Melbourne

 Melbourne |  Medium |  50$

Get in to the mix of Melbourne’s vibrant urban culture with our amazing street art trail. You will be taken on a cryptic adventure down the backstreets to discover internationally renowned street art. You also have the option to hop into one of the cool bars along the trail.


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Information & Top Tips:
Simply turn up to the start location and click on the  link we send you to let the clues commence. Make sure your phone has enough battery or you can add other peoples numbers at checkout to also receive the clues. Bring along a pen and paper. More detailed Instructions will be sent to you by email or check the FAQ page.

Start Location

“We thought Adventure Clues was really fun, discovered so much of the city”
“We were super excited about our trip. Thanks to Adventure Clues”


Team NameTimeTotal PointsHints UsedIncorrect AnswersDate
Team Jacob01:39:453.02529 Aug 2018
ErinLuke01:40:354.04801 Sep 2018
Mashed Potatoes01:48:047.01303 Sep 2018
Vamos Verde01:34:054.04422 Aug 2018
Detectives01:54:042.03521 Aug 2018
Right Crew Sydney01:24:053.09609 Sep 2018
Mass Site01:53:052.001004 Sep 2018
Line Might01:52:051.02415 Aug 2018
Crown Dash01:50:009.03201 Sep 2018

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To celebrate the launch of Adventure Clues we are giving you the chance to do The Trail ‘Unlock The Rocks’ for FREE. Compete against 10 other teams on the day to see who can solve the cryptic clues in the quickest time. Fastest team wins XXX. Winner announced on our Facebook on XX date so be sure to like the page See  Giveaway for more info & Like our Facebook page .

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