Scavenger Hunts in Sydney

Sydney is considered one of the most fascinating and lovely cities around the world. A gorgeous city with a blend of cultures, full of tourism hot spots and must-see places, and so much more to offer such as the spectacular harbour bridge, famous beaches, world-class theatres, museums, art galleries, great shopping, and restaurants featuring delectable cuisines from around the world. When it comes to visiting Sydney it can be a little overwhelming trying to narrow down the sights to see and attractions to visit. So if you’re looking to pack as much into a day as possible, then Adventure Clues is the answer. We offer self-guided adventures on your own schedule – whether you are looking for Sydney attractions, things to do in Sydney during the day, or even things to do with kids, we got you covered and have a great selection of Adventures / Scavenger Hunts for you to choose from:


1. Bloomin’ Botanic Gardens Sydney

Time to get lost down the garden path, escape the hustle and bustle of the city with this trail set in the spectacular Sydney Botanic gardens. This self-guided cryptic adventure meanders through the gardens and takes you past the best-hidden gems and ultimate viewpoints. Clue hunters agree that this trail is a great way to spend a few hours or make a day of it with your friends and family. What’s not to like? Get your team together, put on those walking shoes, and head to the jungle today – It’ll be bloomin’ marvelous!


2. Bondi Beauty

Surf’s officially up as we bring you an exciting adventure around the famous Bondi Beach. Our team brings you the inside scoop on the what’s what and who’s who of Bondi Beach. Start your adventure by solving your first of 14 clues at the stunning Icebergs Pool lookout point, enjoy part of the coastal walk path where the waves crash below, discover hidden sculptures, secret aboriginal rock carvings, and of course you’ll get to discover the best places to enjoy a coffee whilst taking in the stunning views! No swimming cap is needed, just your thinking caps – get your gang together and slip slap slop now! Bondi Beauty awaits…


3. Unlock The Rocks

The colourful characters of The Rocks’ past come alive on this trail of discovery as they challenge you to uncover the interesting backstories of this important area. Your mission is to solve the 13 cryptic clues so that you can uncover the location of the Captain’s Ship. Select this trail to go on an adventure and discover the incredible history of The Rocks. You will get up close and personal with the living history and heritage of Australia’s first settlement area and Sydney’s oldest streets. So do you have what it takes to Unlock The Rocks?


4. Secret Sydney

Assigned as private detectives, your mission is to try and solve the 14 clues to discover Sydney’s hidden streets. Taking you past secret speakeasies and street art vibes one thing to remember is this will not be easy! Select this trail if you would like to discover the backstories and incredible histories of the least walked path in Sydney. The city was originally settled around a freshwater stream and the earliest properties were built around small laneways oblivious to the planner’s grid. These laneways are today’s charming walkways with lots of hidden gems that contribute to the tapestry of modern-day Sydney. Many people (including the locals) who do this trail are surprised to find such secrets hidden away in plain view of the city. Are you ready to undertake this fun adventure, will you accept this Secret Sydney mission?


5. The X – Fierce Nights & Neon Lights

Time travel back to the underworld streets of the 1920’s and 30, a time when the rebellious crime lords and ladies ran Kings Cross. By solving the 13 cryptic clues in this infamous area, you’ll follow in the footsteps of Kate and Tilly Devine who peddled their questionable ‘business’ in The Cross. Watch out for the notorious Razorhurst gangs who sloshed ale and slashed, and take a detour past ‘blood alley’. It’s not all crime and punishment as you’ll become fabulously lost in the trendy subculture of bohemian inner-city life, marvel at the colourful Victorian villas, and travel down the secret foodies’ footpath perfect for a bite to eat! You also have the option to hop into a mysterious-lit speakeasy bar that we recommend along the way – so If you like rich and risqué history coupled with a martini, then tell the girls to slip on their flapper dress and the guys to slide on their fedoras. Prepare for an adventure to be remembered… or forgotten.


6. Newtown – Adventure Into The Alternative.

Prepare yourself for an adventure in Sydney’s coolest borough. Uncover the coolest spots in town as you meander along King Street and then off the beaten path to explore funky street artworks and areas you never knew existed. The 12 cryptic adventure clues have been designed so that you take in only the best sights that you’ll be telling your friends about. Visit the Shipwreck nearby the old church, and get up close to one of the ‘guardian dogs’ that act as gateways to the arts and entertainment district and also reflect the suburbs spirit of acceptance and tolerance. After clue number 8 you’ll have a chance to take a rest break and taste the great coffee on offer at the city farm as small as your pocket. Your challenge is to solve all of the 12 cryptic clues to discover the backstories and secret hidden gems. So what are you waiting for? Go get on your hipster shades; solve the clues and most importantly adventure into the alternative!


7. The Mad Botanist – Botanic Gardens Trail For Kids

The Mad Botanist has just escaped from his secret laboratory nearby. He is in the final stages of mixing his dangerous potion and needs one final ingredient to create a deadly plant species never seen before on Earth. Very special and rare plants are at risk from his deadly experimentations and time is running out! Professor Whiz needs your help to find the last ingredient and stop the Mad Botanist from succeeding with his evil plans. It won’t be easy; the gardens are tricky to navigate and clues need to be solved. This is a great trail for a family day out in a beautiful interactive environment. Kids will learn interesting facts and parents will enjoy a scenic adventure through the Botanical Gardens. The Mad Botanist trail is perfect if you are looking for an activity that will spark imagination and challenge young minds. Quick!! What are you waiting for? Your first clue is waiting…


So if you’re trying to figure out the best things to do in Sydney without wasting a day, these trails are the ultimate ‘must-see’ of Sydney. If you’re looking for a few more, our trails have the best of Sydney tourist spots listed in one fun location. Come check us out!

As you can see there’s something for everyone here in Adventure Clues whether you’re a lover of architecture, a fan of nature and historical walks, an appreciator of art, or otherwise.

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