Scavenger Hunts in Melbourne

Melbourne is a treasure trove of culture, history, and an astonishing tourist destination in Australia. It is internationally renowned for its boutique eateries, coffee shops, and speakeasies, some of which are buried away in ‘hard-to-find’ local laneways that are beautifully decorated with electrifying street art. There’s an abundance of hidden treasures in Melbourne. Beneath the hustle and bustle of the business-minded city, family-filled shopping centres, and rattling trams, there is a whole new world to discover with art, food, and an indie vibe. Some that even the locals are yet to explore, and there’s always something happening. Exploring Melbourne without a helping hand can be a little overwhelming. Our Adventure Clues experts are determined to share their secrets and hot tips on how to spend a day in Melbourne to enrich your senses, make you feel alive, and make the most of this marvellous city. We creatively designed these 4 self-guided adventure trails for you to choose from so you can explore the depths of the big city you’d have never thought possible, and a hidden side to Melbourne that will make you fall in love all over again.

1. Street Art Melbourne

Experience urban culture and colourful streets. On this trail, you will discover one of the most impressive and talked about street art lanes in the world. Take in the dizzying array of colours and solve clues based on the colourful art you will encounter. There are over 260 lanes and alleyways in Melbourne, all of which have a unique bustling hive of activity. Our team has selected the best of this bunch to incorporate the cool café culture and best sights. Get your camera at the ready and go ahead with the Melbourne Street Art Adventure Clues challenge.



2. Melbourne Arts and Culture Scavenger Hunt

Arts and Culture Lovers, this is the trail for you! This cryptic adventure will lead you through the lesser-traveled spaces on a search for public art and sights in the Melbourne arts precinct and surrounds. Get to grips with the history and facts of the area and various artworks along the way. Start your first clue in Federation Square and get lost amongst the incredible public artworks, architecturally stunning gardens, walkways, and pedestrian spaces that link the various galleries theatres, and other art organizations. This adventure will also take you along the adjacent Yarra River, where some of Melbourne’s most popular riverside bars are located, just in case refreshments are required while on the route! Finish up in South bank Boulevard, we won’t tell you exactly where – that’s for you to find out!


3. Cool Clues of Fitzroy & Collingwood

This adventure takes you on a whirlwind scavenger hunt of Melbourne’s coolest neighbourhoods. Within moments of beginning this trail you’ll be wandering past quirky establishments and meandering down lanes straight out of the ‘hipster magazines’. The 11 cryptic clues are designed to give you an appreciation of this fascinating area. You’ll explore the diverse cross-section of history, arts, fashion, and style all smashed into one space. Be on the lookout for incredible street art and murals by world-famous artists, the rainbow fence (which has as many colours as you would expect), and the statue with an affinity for rhyming who will be waving at you from a distance. Without giving too much away, this is a great trail for those who want to experience a cultural adventure and explore areas of Fitzroy and Collingwood that you won’t find on your regular walking tour. This is your adventure… What are you waiting for? Go and make it all ‘Fitz’ together…


4. Stories & Secrets

This cryptic adventure takes you around The Historic University of Melbourne and you’ll feel as if you have been transported into a wizard’s magical world! You’ll get to discover the university’s rich history, ranging from its cultural impact to some of the lesser-known incidents of talented staff or the students’ humorous side. Along the way, you’ll find coffee that fuels some of Melbourne’s greatest minds and some of the best crepes you’ll taste! Uncover the backstories and learn about the role that this academic institution plays in popular culture, some of which you may not expect! Take the challenge, solve the clues, and follow in the footsteps of the brightest and best… plus those that brought some lighter moments to this academic behemoth..!


Those are our favourite ways to unlock all that Melbourne has to offer and have fun in the city without having to plan a strenuous itinerary. Touring has never been easier.

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