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There’s a new way to market your attraction-based business. Unlike traditional marketing methods, the new Scavenger Hunt Builder is just as much fun for the business team as it is for the end-user. Adventure Clues has pulled together to help you create a gamified experience of your business!

You’ve heard of a scavenger hunt, right? Well, if you’re familiar with Adventure Clues, you’ll know that we create clue-based scavenger hunts that lead players to top destinations in their city. In order to get to the end of the game, they have to solve clues about the place they’re visiting. With the Scavenger Hunt Builder for Businesses, the top destination is YOUR BUSINESS, and the clues are up to you. You can get players researching all of the information about your business while they explore the sights and take in the atmosphere.

Design your own Scavenger Hunt tailored to your attraction!

It’s time to get creative! Design an interactive adventure that takes players all-around your place of business. You can create clues specific to your business so that scavenger hunters will learn about your mission, your offerings and fun facts about your unique location. You choose the content of this scavenger hunt, so you can make it as fun, educational or as memorable as you like.

Who’s it for?

Whether you’re a big business or a one-man band, this new scavenger hunt builder is perfect for any sized business. As long as you’ve got a creative mind and a great attraction, we think you’ll find this tool an incredible asset to your company.

Not a tech expert?

Don’t worry; you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of creation. The Adventure Clues team will be on hand with support to make sure your adventure turns out exactly how you want it.

Can my business make money from it?

Yep! There are two ways to work this fantastic new feature. One method is to keep your customised, branded Scavenger Hunt free for everyone to play and take in the glory of new visitors to your attraction. No doubt they’ll love it there – purchasing lunch and coming back at a later date with family and friends.

The second way to capitalise on our free Scavenger Hunt building software for businesses is to charge players to take part in your scavenger hunt. Instant profit when they purchase their trail, and then you can turn these new adventurers into repeat visitors with that great, fun experience you offer at your attraction.

What else is in it for my business?

You’ll be sure to draw in a new type of crowd with your gamified business experience. Once you get the word out about your new scavenger hunt, players in your area will be itching to have a turn! Plus, since you’ll be listed on the Adventure Clues website, we’ll do our share of promoting as well.

Yep, creating a scavenger hunt with us gives you access to our adventure-loving audience.

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