Secret Sydney - (iVenture)

Assigned as private detectives, your mission is to try and solve the 14 clues to discover Sydney’s hidden streets. Taking you past secret speakeasies and street art vibes one thing to remember is this will not be easy!

Select this trail if you would like to discover the backstories and incredible histories of the least walked path in Sydney. The city was originally settled around a freshwater stream and the earliest properties were built around small laneways oblivious to the planner’s grid.

These laneways are today charming walkways with lots of hidden gems that contribute to the tapestry of modern day Sydney. Many people (including the locals) who do this trail are surprised to find such secrets hidden away in plain view of the city.

If you do manage to complete the clues and reach the finish we will provide you with your stats and a detailed explanation of all the sights.

Are you ready to undertake this fun adventure, will you accept this Secret Sydney mission?

Outside Customs House, 31 Alfred St, Sydney NSW 2000

Price $20 Per Person. We recommend up to 4 players per team. You can add extra teams on the checkout page. No payment required upon receipt of valid iVenture card number.
Start Location Outside Customs House (Circular Quay station is 1 minute walk away)
Finish Location You finish at one of our recommended bars in Sydney CBD near Town Hall Station. There are plenty of other bars and restaurants nearby. If you want some tips on where to eat afterwards then get in touch or check the ultimate guide you will see at the end of the trail.
Duration 2-3 hours (may vary depending on how much time you spend at rest breaks)
Number of Clues 14 Cryptic Clues
Start Times You can start the trail anytime during the following start times: Weekdays: 8:30am – 9pm. Saturdays 10:30am – 9pm. Sundays 11:15am – 4:45am. *Please be advised that the rest break locations are not guaranteed to be open at the time of your visit due to different trading times.
Difficulty Level



You can either decide to go about things leisurely or try to post a good time on our leader board.  After each clue we provide you with the story and facts.

Scoring Answer Correctly 25 Points, Use a hint -10 Points, Use a Reveal -20 Points (and the map will direct you to next clue in case you got lost).
Top Tips Make sure your phone has enough phone battery or you can add other peoples numbers at checkout to also receive the clues. Bring along a pen and paper, it can help when solving some of the anagram clues J


How do I book?

Answer: 1. Select the add to cart button at the right of page. 2. Fill in your details on the checkout page. 3. Click place order and enter your payment details. Voila!

How do I start the trail?

Answer: We send the team captain an email. This includes you and your team members unique play links along with instructions. Make sure to forward the email to all team members. Click on the link and the game opens in your browser immediately. No downloads required.

How long is the play link valid for?

Answer: The trail link is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase.

Do I need to bring anything?

Answer: Bring along a pen and paper as it can be useful to solve some of the anagram clues. We also recommend you bring some water on hot days.

Can we take part as separate teams?

Answer: Yes, this is one of the best ways to enjoy Adventure Clues and challenge your friends. Select add another team at checkout. To best enjoy we recommend a maximum of four players per team and that you stagger your start time by 5-10 minutes so you don’t overlap. Of course, you can organise to all meet up halfway at the rest break location for a drink.

Does receiving the clues cost money?

Answer: It won’t cost you any more than it normally does to use your mobile phone data 🙂

Can you play on two phones?

Answer: Yes, you will need to add an additional team at checkout with their team name and mobile number.

What if the app isn’t working?

Answer: Just in case, you can give us a call or send us a message to +61405424423 for live chat help.

Is your question not listed here?

Answer: Go to the FAQ page for queries not listed here or please get in touch.

  • Explore Sydney’s Hidden Laneways
  • Learn about the history of Sydney. Fun facts and interesting stories!
  • Art installations and funky street art
  • Enjoy some drinks at cool speakeasy bars. The 1st bar is halfway through the trail (prohibition style cocktail bar) and the 2nd at the finish location (An English style pub in stylish courtyard).


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Team NameTimeTotal PointsHints UsedIncorrect AnswersDate
001:22:403750011 Aug 2019
Josh’s Posse01:37:38370124 Aug 2019
001:48:17365105 Sep 2019
001:23:08355114 Aug 2019
Christopher01:26:41350008 Oct 2019
002:02:17350053 Aug 2019
Localjinni02:39:53330026 Oct 2019
Sherlock Homies01:15:43315063 Aug 2019
localjinni02:06:51295106 Oct 2019
Three Sleuths02:08:202951026 Oct 2019
Team SC02:36:442553221 Sep 2019
Violet02:26:182455126 Oct 2019
Tequila Mockingbird01:26:421351143 Aug 2019
Sam00:07:19-210008 Aug 2019
sam00:31:46-3000030 Jul 2019
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Secret Sydney

2-3 Hours

Start - Outside Customs House

End - Sydney CBD



5 out of 5 stars

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