Street Art Melbourne

Explore Melbourne's Amazing Street Art like never before in a series of fun cryptic clues on your mobile

Adventure clues is the best way to learn about Melbourne

2-3 Hours

Start - Corner of Little Lonsdale St and Elizabeth St, Melbourne, Vic, 3000

Finish - Melbourne Central Station

$25 per person

Learn about the Street art culture in Melbourne and how it all started. Fun facts and interesting stories! Visit a lane world renowned for its street art. If lucky you’ll get to see the graffiti guys in action.

See murals by the talented and controversial meme artist lushsux

Stroll down a lane dedicated to musical rock n rollers. Option to relax at 3 recommended locations.

Rest Break 1 – After Clue 5 (trendy café on one of Melbourne’s bustling laneways).  Rest break 2 - at the finish location (A small hole in the wall coffee shop). *Please note due to different trading times not all venues may be open at the time of your trail.

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Each team captain receives the trail  instructions and unique play links for all players. Team captains  then forward this email to the other team members.


Head to the start location and click play to start your adventure. It’s quick and easy with no downloads required. 

Have fun!

Have fun as you solve clues and discover the best parts of the city!  

The Game Play

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Select this trail to discover Melbourne’s most creative and colourful streets. On this trail you will discover one of the most impressive and talked about street art lanes in the world.

Take in the dizzying array of colours and solve clues based on the colourful art you will encounter. There are over 260 lanes and alleyways in Melbourne, all which have a unique bustling hive of activity.

Our team has selected the best of this bunch to incorporate the cool café culture and best sights. Get your camera at the ready and go ahead with the Melbourne Street Art Adventure Clues challenge.

Get in to the mix of Melbourne’s vibrant urban culture with our amazing street art trail. You will be taken on a cryptic adventure down the backstreets to discover internationally renowned street art.

You also have the option to hop into one of the recommended cafes along the way and taste the coffee that Melbourne is renowned for.

Price$25 Per Player. We recommend up to 4 players per team. You can add extra teams on the checkout page.
Start LocationCorner of Little Lonsdale Street and Elizabeth Street. Melbourne CBD. (just near Melbourne Central Station)
Finish LocationYou finish a short walk away from where you started (Melbourne Central Station). There are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby. If you want some tips on where to eat afterwards then get in touch or check the ultimate guide you will see at the end of the trail.
Duration2-3 hours (may vary depending on how much time you spend at rest breaks)
Number of Clues14 Cryptic Clues
Start TimesYou can start the trail anytime Mon-Sun. The trail is best done in daylight hours so that you can find the clues easier.  *Please be advised that the rest break locations are not guaranteed to be open at the time of your visit due to different trading times.
Difficulty Level



You can either decide to go about things leisurely or try to post a good time on our leader board.  After each clue we provide you with the story and facts.

ScoringAnswer Correctly 25 Points, Use a hint -10 Points, Use a Reveal -20 Points (and the map will direct you to next clue in case you got lost).
Top Tips

Make sure your phone has enough phone battery or you can add other peoples numbers at checkout to also receive the clues. Bring along a pen and paper, it can help when solving some of the anagram clues..

How do I book?

1. Select the add to cart button at the right of page.
2. Fill in your details on the checkout page.
3. Click place order and enter your payment details. Voila!

How do I start the trail?

We send the team captain an email. This includes you and your team members unique play links along with instructions. Make sure to forward the email to all team members. Click on the link and the game opens in your browser immediately. No downloads required.

How long is the play link valid for?

The trail link is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring along a pen and paper as it can be useful to solve some of the anagram clues. We also recommend you bring some water on hot days.

Can we take part as separate teams?

Yes, this is one of the best ways to enjoy Adventure Clues and challenge your friends. Select add another team at checkout. To best enjoy we recommend a maximum of four players per team and that you stagger your start time by 5-10 minutes so you don’t overlap. Of course, you can organise to all meet up halfway at the rest break location for a drink.

Does receiving the clues cost money?

It won’t cost you any more than it normally does to use your mobile phone data 🙂

What if the app isn’t working?

Just in case, you can give us a call or send us a message to +61405424423 for live chat help.

Can you play on two phones?

Yes, you will need to add an additional team at checkout with their team name and mobile number.

Corner of Little Lonsdale Street and Elizabeth Street Melbourne, Vic 3000
Team NameTimeTotal PointsHints UsedIncorrect AnswersDate
Woohoooodongians02:09:55535184 Jan 2020
Happy Hoppe01:39:35380115 Jan 2020
AdventureDay02:56:10375142 Jan 2020
Chris00:51:473500025 Feb 2020
Travel Managers01:25:373500029 Jan 2020
Top Gun03:35:183500022 Feb 2020
The Beavs02:26:18345334 Feb 2020
The Ghouligans01:12:303400123 Oct 2019
Jelly Beans01:42:283401016 Mar 2020
MABEL IN MELBOURNE02:32:24340005 Oct 2019
oh... gosh02:33:413401024 Dec 2019
Butler-Flemings01:47:02335048 Dec 2019
STORM PILOTS02:01:503301124 Feb 2020
Sunday Stroll02:19:413301120 Oct 2019
Mariobros03:42:05330025 Nov 2019
The Hallowinners01:03:223201223 Oct 2019
Travel Managers 301:36:513200329 Jan 2020
Polony Bolony01:57:12320017 Oct 2019
Travel Managers 201:59:003201229 Jan 2020
An’s Art Adventure02:30:303201912 Jan 2020
Team Loz02:34:563200321 Mar 2020
AAF02:03:38310139 Dec 2020
17 years03:32:543101321 Nov 2020
Red Fox03:59:18310124 Jan 2020
O’Gillards01:14:222950130 Dec 2019
Waffle warriors02:19:572950113 Oct 2019
Quirky Quartet14:37:36295107 Mar 2020
Bree02:19:402902414 Nov 2020
Tom & Elise01:37:272850210 Nov 2019
cool people06:19:562801526 Dec 2019
Vanichsel07:19:002803414 Dec 2019
A/17:00:58:102802521 Nov 2020
Macess01:50:482751210 Jul 2020
Crazy Grandies02:22:432751223 Jan 2020
Feddies03:43:572752113 Jan 2020
UPT01:38:52265217 Jan 2020
Keen fir some dumps03:04:59260165 Dec 2020
PussyWillows01:34:062551419 Dec 2020
Hudsons01:46:402552111 Jan 2020
The fast and the curious01:48:432550511 Oct 2019
Holiday Rolls02:06:532552321 Jan 2020
The Kelly’s02:46:162552117 Jan 2020
J.A.Z03:52:29255228 Jan 2020
LAM6:23:26:45255149 Jan 2020
Westscot01:14:522401115 Feb 2020
Rockets01:51:592400825 Jan 2020
Day drinkers01:41:152101113 Jan 2020
Team Neal02:27:382103012 Jan 2020
The Speedsters02:19:462054510 Nov 2019
Faye02:08:071804325 Jan 2020
MelB02:09:331754021 Jan 2020
Rookie03:20:031603516 Nov 2019
coco's03:40:111302926 Dec 2019
PK02:05:4412551322 Sep 2019
The Reids02:12:2311531417 Jan 2020
Cronut01:54:59903525 Feb 2020
Hughesy02:25:477021721 Nov 2020
Rachel & Mary02:00:19-2022424 Jan 2020
Mariela03:01:29-11091011 Aug 2019
Bro Team00:03:01-2800011 Sep 2019

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We’re teachers at a private school and we initially booked the Secret Sydney trail for our students to get to know the city better. In the end, the teachers also joined in the fun cause there was so much about our beloved city that we don’t know! Excellent job, Adventure Clues for keeping us on our toes!

John Lim

This is a really fun way to see parts of Sydney that you probably otherwise would have no idea even existed. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!! Thankyou for a really fun morning for #TeamChrispie


It was the most enjoyable way to explore Sydney at you own pace with a friends. Would defiantly try another trail. 10/10.

India Jan

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