Explore Newtowns alternative side in a series of fun cryptic clues

Learn about the history of this area. Fun facts and interesting stories!

Adventure clues is the best way to learn about Sydney

2-3 hours

Start - Outside of Newtown Train Station

Finish - You finish in the heart of Netown just off King Street.

$25 per person

Explore Newtowns aternative side in a series of fun cryptic clues. Learn about the history of this area. Fun facts and interesting stories!

Find hidden gems like the ship set in stone and street art as you work together to solve mysteries

A flexible option: use the web app at any time with no need for a human guide

Enjoy a rest break at a cool café after clue number eight.

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Each team captain receives the trail  instructions and unique play links for all players. Team captains  then forward this email to the other team members.


Head to the start location and click play to start your adventure. It’s quick and easy with no downloads required. 

Have fun!

Have fun as you solve clues and discover the best parts of the city!  

The Game Play

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Prepare yourself for an adventure in Sydney’s coolest borough. Uncover the coolest spots in town as you meander along King Street and then off the beaten path to explore funky street art works and areas you never new existed. The 12 cryptic adventure clues have been designed so that you take in only the best sights that you’ll be telling your friends about. Visit the Shipwreck nearby the old church, and get up close to one of the ‘guardian dogs’ that act as gateways to the arts and entertainment district and also reflect the suburbs spirit of acceptance and tolerance. After clue number 8 you’ll have chance to take a rest break and taste the great coffee on offer at the city farm as small as your pocket. Your challenge is to solve all of the 12 cryptic clues to discover the backstories and secret hidden gems. So what are you waiting for? Go get on your hipster shades; solve the clues and most importantly adventure into the alternative!

Price$25 Per Person. We recommend up to 4 players per team. You can add extra teams on the checkout page.
Start LocationOutside of Newtown Train Station - 330 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
Finish LocationYou finish in the heart of Netown just off King Street. (10 minutes walk back to the train station) Close by you find the hustle and bustle of the vafes and bars.
Duration2-3 hours (may vary depending on how much time you spend at rest breaks)
Number of Clues12 Cryptic Clues
Start TimesYou can start the trail anytime, we recommend that you complete during daylight activities so that the clues remain visible. The rest break mid way thrpough the trail is open from 9am to 5pm weekdays and until 3pm on weekdays.
Difficulty Level



You can either decide to go about things leisurely or try to post a good time on our leader board.  After each clue we provide you with the story and facts.

ScoringAnswer Correctly 25 Points, Use a hint -10 Points, Use a Reveal -20 Points (and the map will direct you to next clue in case you got lost).
Top TipsMake sure your phone has enough phone battery or you can add other peoples numbers at checkout to also receive the clues. Bring along a pen and paper, it can help when solving some of the anagram clues J

How do I book?

1. Select the add to cart button at the right of page.
2. Fill in your details on the checkout page.
3. Click place order and enter your payment details. Voila!

How do I start the trail?

We send the team captain an email and SMS. This includes you and your team members unique play links along with instructions. Make sure to forward the email or SMS to all team members. Click on the link and the game opens in your browser immediately. No downloads required.

How long is the play link valid for?

The trail link is valid for 6 months from the day of purchase.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring along a pen and paper as it can be useful to solve some of the anagram clues. We also recommend you bring some water on hot days.

Can we take part as separate teams?

Yes, this is one of the best ways to enjoy Adventure Clues and challenge your friends. Select add another team at checkout. To best enjoy we recommend a maximum of four players per team.

Does receiving the clues cost money?

It won’t cost you any more than it normally does to use your mobile phone data 🙂

What if the app isn’t working?

Just in case, click on the live chat help whatsapp button within the adventure web app

Can you play on two phones?

Yes, just add more players on the checkout to play on the same team or add an additional team at checkout with their team name and mobile number so that you can play against them.

Team NameTimeTotal PointsHints UsedIncorrect AnswersDate
The Mainali's02:01:4115655114 Jan 2020
Coolin with da homiez01:07:015550216 Aug 2020
Sloths1:05:41:21490107 Dec 2019
Sphynx01:52:1943521314 Jan 2020
The Handsy Cathys01:18:36425008 Dec 2019
Fast N Furious02:03:07420125 Jan 2020
Grammar Boys01:53:134001411 Sep 2020
Try Again02:11:46395104 Jan 2020
001:22:403750011 Aug 2019
ECARZ01:45:083751422 Aug 2020
Lake Enrique02:25:443752310 May 2020
Josh’s Posse01:37:38370124 Aug 2019
001:48:17365105 Sep 2019
Force 202:24:113651025 Sep 2020
The Bee's Knees01:41:253602211 Aug 2020
Coolin with da homies01:06:053551116 Aug 2020
Abbey 201:11:583552028 Feb 2020
001:23:08355114 Aug 2019
Mok and Spick00:54:403500029 Feb 2020
AJ01:07:133500011 Jan 2020
Simple Minds 201:11:573500025 Jan 2020
Abbey01:19:293500028 Feb 2020
Abbey 101:20:303500028 Feb 2020
The App Strikes Back01:20:373500022 Dec 2019
EmMatt01:24:513500011 Jan 2020
Christopher01:26:41350008 Oct 2019
Muggle Mayhem01:36:393500023 Feb 2020
dusky dolphins01:38:593500012 Dec 2019
Long time no see01:46:223500015 Feb 2020
The Argie-Bargies01:48:01350002 Nov 2019
002:02:17350053 Aug 2019
Team 300:52:56340108 Jan 2020
Wellby00:58:463400129 Feb 2020
mOoiis00:58:493400120 Feb 2020
Boy At Leisure Club (International)01:14:293400130 Jan 2020
Team Amelia01:25:46340019 Nov 2019
Ten Holey Wizards01:31:453401014 Feb 2020
Dingemanse Dingo’s01:32:003401022 Feb 2020
Laukka Scouters01:55:51340101 Feb 2020
LF Visa02:08:153400110 Jan 2020
Dummies02:28:01340107 Nov 2020
Happy Hamsters02:28:353400131 Oct 2020
Team 200:55:10330028 Jan 2020
Live love laugh00:55:20330027 Mar 2020
The Muccas01:12:033301116 Feb 2020
Backstreet girls01:14:34330027 Mar 2020
Sun Soaked Sluethers01:36:49330201 Feb 2020
Team Awesome01:39:243300229 Aug 2020
Localjinni02:39:53330026 Oct 2019
T he French resistance02:44:09330166 Jun 2020
Wonder Women01:04:303201219 Dec 2020
Jono.Weiss@gmail.com01:11:22320129 Jan 2020
Two Monkeys01:33:283203011 Dec 2019
Floof01:38:203200329 Sep 2020
DD04:31:233202129 Feb 2020
Sherlock Homies01:15:43315063 Aug 2019
Celibacy Club01:13:423101310 Jan 2020
Wonky Unicorns01:29:293103123 Aug 2020
Cassa del Walshie02:38:113101122 Dec 2019
Simple Minds 100:58:393001425 Jan 2020
The Schnooks01:12:003001429 Aug 2020
Cultural Wingwoman01:56:273000521 Nov 2020
Spizmo01:03:292951017 Feb 2020
Sophie01:11:182951013 Jan 2020
The smiths01:49:242951014 Feb 2020
LONGZA from the 6501:51:312950118 Feb 2020
localjinni02:06:51295106 Oct 2019
Three Sleuths02:08:202951026 Oct 2019
B team00:55:132900619 Dec 2020
Stealth Chicks01:45:112901519 Jul 2020
Team 101:03:06285028 Jan 2020
BIBO01:32:47285027 Mar 2020
B and B01:33:512852026 Feb 2020
PC01:59:092850913 Aug 2020
Try hards00:53:472800719 Dec 2020
The Blokes01:10:262801619 Dec 2020
R&F01:12:442802526 Nov 2020
JDAIZY01:32:572803418 Dec 2019
Hanwick01:45:422800728 Nov 2020
Cheal04:32:172801616 Oct 2020
Team Kate01:12:59275034 Jul 2020
Watté Wombats01:23:092752122 Feb 2020
hehe01:37:33275127 Sep 2020
Noodles01:48:082753014 Feb 2020
5th Year01:45:202702619 Sep 2020
E&O01:35:57265138 Dec 2020
Dos Jerbos01:36:222652225 Feb 2020
Drink up!02:23:08260277 Oct 2020
Siblings01:18:052554112 Feb 2020
Moonear01:48:592552314 Nov 2020
Team SC02:36:442553221 Sep 2019
Doliver01:35:362501027 Jan 2020
Pen1501:13:19245068 Aug 2020
Kullavance02:02:162452414 Feb 2020
Violet02:26:182455126 Oct 2019
Rac-Fab01:41:52235039 Jan 2020
Dave02:37:01235169 Dec 2020
Fisk03:27:242352522 Feb 2020
AAtw01:38:112300319 Jul 2020
JOED01:32:58220223 Oct 2020
The Bin Chickens02:07:262054113 Jun 2020
B&W Bandits04:02:392054619 Nov 2020
Jemma and Lucas02:07:47195387 Oct 2020
Crumbs01:03:311654115 Feb 2020
Team Bebz02:52:2316531122 Feb 2020
Procrastination01:55:39155513 Feb 2020
Scorpio02:05:551404828 Nov 2020
Dylan and Annabelle 💛02:43:33140398 Mar 2020
Team Blank01:20:57135267 Jul 2020
Tequila Mockingbird01:26:421351143 Aug 2019
Xing03:19:091352622 Jun 2020
Elves from the North03:26:0512531525 Nov 2020
Princess & The Pea01:20:49904431 Jan 2020
Sam00:07:19-210008 Aug 2019
sam00:31:46-3000030 Jul 2019

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What Our happy Customers Have to Say

We’re teachers at a private school and we initially booked the Secret Sydney trail for our students to get to know the city better. In the end, the teachers also joined in the fun cause there was so much about our beloved city that we don’t know! Excellent job, Adventure Clues for keeping us on our toes!

John Lim

This is a really fun way to see parts of Sydney that you probably otherwise would have no idea even existed. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!! Thankyou for a really fun morning for #TeamChrispie


It was the most enjoyable way to explore Sydney at you own pace with a friends. Would defiantly try another trail. 10/10.

India Jan

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