Cadet Space Mission - For Kids & Schools

Kids and Families Explore The Solar System in This Immersive Online Adventure


1 Hour

Start - Your Living Room

Finish - The Sofa or Dining Room Table

$5 per person

You are a Space Cadet on an important mission to help find our resident alien hunter Dr. Sentori

Be whisked around the solar system from your living room. Solve the clues and learn as you go

Imaginative experience including comic strips throughout

Challenge other families to see who really is the cadet champion

How it works

Choose a Trail & Checkout

Choose from our selection of trails in the city you love. Add your team details on the checkout page.

You’ve Got Mail

Each team captain receives the trail  instructions and unique play links for all players. Team captains  then forward this email to the other team members.


Head to the start location and click play to start your adventure. It’s quick and easy with no downloads required. 

Have fun!

Have fun as you solve clues and discover the best parts of the city!  

The Game Play

Additional Information

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Welcome Cadets! Adventure Clues brings you something totally new, a virtual cryptic space adventure that you can play from your own home. We have a very special mission for you to carry out today. It has just been reported that our resident alien hunter, Doctor Sentori is missing! We need you to follow the clues and find out where the Doctor has gone. You’ll be whisked off in your own spaceship and jump from planet to planet. At each location it will involve some research,, as we have only a handful of clues as to the Doctor’s location.
You can proceed when you’re ready, but be warned some of the clues may need you to think outside of the box and even this earth.
Prepare yourself for the mission Space Cadets – Adventure Clues ground control we have lift off!


Price$5 Per Person. We recommend up to 4 players per team. You can add extra teams on the checkout page.
Start LocationYour Living Room
Finish LocationYou finish safely back on planet earth
DurationApproximately One Hour (Unless you disappear into a black hole)
Number of Clues10 Cryptic Clues
Start TimesYou can start the trail anytime.
Difficulty Level

Easy to Medium


You can either decide to go about things leisurely or try to post a good time on our leader board.  After each clue, we provide you with the story and facts.

ScoringAnswer Correctly 25 Points, Use a hint -10 Points, Use a Reveal -20 Points (and the map will direct you to the next clue in case you got lost).
Top TipsMake sure your phone has enough phone battery or you can add other people's numbers at checkout to also receive the clues. You may need a pen and paper, it can help when solving some of the anagram clues.

How do I book?

1. Select the add to cart button at the right of page.
2. Fill in your details on the checkout page.
3. Click place order and enter your payment details. Voila!

How do I start the trail?

We send the team captain an email. This includes you and your team members unique play links along with instructions. Make sure to forward the email to all team members. Click on the link and the game opens in your browser immediately. No downloads required.

How long is the play link valid for?

The trail link is valid for 6 months from the day of purchase.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring along a pen and paper as it can be useful to solve some of the anagram clues.

Can we take part as separate teams?

Yes, this is one of the best ways to enjoy Adventure Clues and challenge your friends. Select add another team at checkout. To best enjoy we recommend a maximum of four players per team.

Does receiving the clues cost money?

It won’t cost you any more than it normally does to use your mobile phone data 

What if the app isn’t working?

Just in case, click on the live chat help whatsapp button within the adventure web app

Can you play on two phones?

Yes, you will need to add an additional team at checkout with their team name and mobile number.

who is it for?


Solo Travelers




What Our happy Customers Have to Say

We’re teachers at a private school and we initially booked the Secret Sydney trail for our students to get to know the city better. In the end, the teachers also joined in the fun cause there was so much about our beloved city that we don’t know! Excellent job, Adventure Clues for keeping us on our toes!

John Lim

This is a really fun way to see parts of Sydney that you probably otherwise would have no idea even existed. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!! Thankyou for a really fun morning for #TeamChrispie


It was the most enjoyable way to explore Sydney at you own pace with a friends. Would defiantly try another trail. 10/10.

India Jan

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