Secret Sydney Leaderboard


You will receive your time taken to finish once you have completed the trail. Your score will then be added to the leader board within 24 hours and we will notify you so you can see how you compare to other teams.

Team NameTimeTotal PointsHints UsedIncorrect AnswersDate
001:22:403750011 Aug 2019
Josh’s Posse01:37:38370124 Aug 2019
001:48:17365105 Sep 2019
001:23:08355114 Aug 2019
Christopher01:26:41350008 Oct 2019
002:02:17350053 Aug 2019
Localjinni02:39:53330026 Oct 2019
Sherlock Homies01:15:43315063 Aug 2019
localjinni02:06:51295106 Oct 2019
Three Sleuths02:08:202951026 Oct 2019
Team SC02:36:442553221 Sep 2019
Violet02:26:182455126 Oct 2019
Tequila Mockingbird01:26:421351143 Aug 2019
Sam00:07:19-210008 Aug 2019
sam00:31:46-3000030 Jul 2019