You will receive your time taken to finish once you have completed the trail. Your score will then be added to the leader board within 24 hours and we will notify you so you can see how you compare to other teams.

Team NameTimeTotal PointsHints UsedIncorrect AnswersDate
Snaggas01:05:563750009 Apr 2019
Stolen Chips Taste Better01:22:483750003 Apr 2019
karjack02:13:423750018 May 2019
LTrolls02:15:453750010 Feb 2019
Iglu Chatswood02:23:273750018 May 2019
The Nine Nine01:09:413500116 Feb 2019
The Dons01:18:063500130 Mar 2019
The Speds01:34:333500127 Apr 2019
The Valleys Down Under01:48:003501025 Apr 2019
The Wallabushbies01:56:353501017 May 2019
Somewhere in-between 03:54:173500121 Apr 2019
Punters and collectors01:28:403250226 Feb 2019
Anne Sam01:28:443251122 Apr 2019
Yellow01:06:123001213 Apr 2019
CCI201:31:313001228 Feb 2019
O’Connor01:53:303001222 April 2019
Helen01:56:303001214 Feb 2019
Crown Dash02:30:013001201 Dec 2018
Ron Power02:14:582750404 Oct 2018
CCI101:43:192500528 Feb 2019

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