How to Plan a Weekend in Sydney

Sydney is such a big place with so many things to see and do. If you’re trying to plan a fun weekend in Sydney without missing any of the fun it can seem like a hard task! If only there was one simple route that took you to all of the best hot spots in Sydney so you could get the most out of a short stay. Ah-ha! That’s where Adventure Clues comes in. Of course, there are guided tours of each individual landmark that you could spend hours looking through different platforms while repeatedly cross-referencing your itinerary and praying for no delays to ensure you get to each place on time – or you could pick an Adventure Clues trail and have a fun-filled day complete with Sydney exclusive drinks and a bite to eat while seeing some of the places the media recommends – and a few hidden treasures you didn’t know existed.



weekend in Sydney


So, how is it done?

Start with picking a trail. Is it The Rocks you’re wanting to visit? Maybe it’s the Botanic Gardens. If you’ve already been to Sydney, or even if you live in Sydney, and you’ve exhausted all of the classic tourism hot spots, then you’ll be looking for Secret Sydney. Once you’ve chosen your trail, pick your group! You can go solo, as a pair or with a team. Perfect for your travel buddies, or even your workmates! Solve cryptic clues together and build a bond while you get to sample the city of Sydney.

Why not just do a normal tour?

Ah yes, a nice, boring guided tour of everything you’ve already heard about in Sydney on every. single. tourist. map. ever. Adventure Clues is more than just a tour – we provide you with a starting point and some cryptic clues to each hidden gem. Yup, it’s a scavenger hunt! Your prize is seeing all of the angles of the city (and maybe even making the leader boards if you’re a competitive type).

How is it a weekend?

Well, we think that once you take a day out for one trail you’ll be itching to try out the next! Three current Sydney trails make for the perfect long weekend activity, and you’ll get to carve out a big chunk of the sights to see in Sydney without having to incessantly plan separate activities.

What if I’ve already seen all of Sydney?

If you’ve somehow managed to unlock the secrets of Sydney (or you’ve done our trails before) then you can use the weekend to make a little extra cash while you adventure. Check out our ‘Become a Trail Setter’ page, where you can set up your own trail with fun cryptic clues. If we love it, you’ll make a percentage of every sale. Talk about winning! A weekend of adventure that turns into passive income – as well as being able to revel in the fact that tourists and visitors looking for things to do in Sydney are unlocking amazing destinations with complete thanks to you!

Ready to get exploring? Check out our trails here.

a view of Sydney

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