How to Make a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt might be a long lost childhood memory to some of us, but just like most of those memories – there’s magic in recreating them as an adult. You might have forgotten what is so fun about a scavenger hunt, but trust us, once you get back into the swing of things you’ll be dying to plan as many as possible.

Do you have a reunion coming up? Maybe a bucks party, a birthday party or a corporate event. Looking to organise something fun for adults that hasn’t been ‘done to death’? A scavenger hunt is exactly what you need.

Here at Adventure Clues, we consider ourselves to be pretty talented when it comes to creating scavenger hunts (take a look at our trails if you don’t believe us). Since we’ve had years of experience creating fun-filled adventures for you, we thought it only fair to share some tips so you can make a fun scavenger hunt of your own using the Adventure Pro Platform!

Step One: Participants

Before you plan your scavenger hunt, think about who will be coming and why you’re hosting a hunt. This will help you decide on a theme – bars for bucks’ parties, landmarks for tourism, and maybe sentimental places for a fun date idea.

Knowing who will be coming along will also help you choose a date and time. If people are bringing their children you won’t want to go with a late-night scavenger hunt. Consider where and when your participants work so you can decide on a weekend or weekday hunt.

Step Two: Decide the Type of Hunt

Will your scavenger hunt be location-based, or will players have to return with items of choice?

Some fun ideas for scavenger hunts include checklists, where players have to achieve certain things in order to win. For example, a bridal shower scavenger hunt might include getting a song request played by a DJ or taking a selfie with a stranger.

Another type of scavenger hunt is to have cryptic clues, and the only way to progress and end up at the finish line is to solve them in order to get to the final destination. This is the Adventure Clues scavenger hunt model.

Lastly, you can require players to return with physical items. For example, a map of the local aquarium or a photo of specific landmark-based off clues.

Step Three: Decide On Your Prize

A great incentive for participants of a scavenger is obviously a prize. What will your participants want to win? Since you’ve already thought about your guests, this should be an easy one to organise.

You will also have to decide what constitutes winning. Is it being the first to return with a completed list? Or will everyone who manages to complete the list get a prize?

Some Rules of a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are lots of fun for everyone involved, but it is important to set some rules aside.

If your scavenger hunt is taking place in public areas, make sure there are no planned roadworks which may obstruct the route. It’s also important to check ahead of time if anything can be taken from certain areas if your scavenger hunt is collection style.

Make sure everyone is clear on the rules before the scavenger hunt begins. If there is a time limit if teams are required to stick together and other basic rules should be outlined.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our trails!

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