How to Enjoy Adventure Clues

How to Enjoy Adventure Clues

If you’ve been looking at the Adventure Clues website for a little while and wanting to jump into a fun adventure with your friends but you can’t decide on the perfect occasion, we’ve compiled the perfect list for you! From business to leisure and even some simple self-discovery on a scavenger hunt, there’s a few reasons Adventure Clues will slot right into your next event (and we think once you have a read through and realise just how fun our scavenger hunts and adventure trails are – you won’t even want to wait for an excuse to book!). We think you’ll find that this is one of best things to do in Sydney, regardless of your reason for doing it!


At a certain point, clubs and alcohol lose their appeal for birthdays. Especially when we have work and lives to get on with and don’t want to be nursing a dreaded hangover! Make a birthday to remember by gathering your friends around and taking part in one of the best activities in Sydney – an adventure trail! This is an especially great choice if all of your friends haven’t met yet (some are from uni, some are from work, some a friends of the family) because it’s a great team building activity and fosters the perfect environment for everyone to get to know each other in a fun and exciting way.

Our favourite event for Sydney birthday parties is the Secret Sydney trail, where you’re all assigned as private detectives with a mission to solve 15 clues to discover Sydney’s hidden streets. This a great way for you to all learn some cool new things about your city together and have something to chat about for the rest of the day! If you’re organising a surprise party for one of your loved ones, don’t forget to ask about how we can tailor trails – for example, we can tailor the trails to be more personal and even feature special video clues.

Family Day Out

We love family get together’s, but if you can’t all fit into the one room anymore, or you’re sick of going out to restaurants but not sure of other things to do in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place. Any one of our trails are great for family events, but if you bring the little ones along for the trail we recommend our Secret Sydney trail! It’s a fun day for everyone where you get to play detective and learn all about some intriguing mysteries of the city you live in!

Hens and Bucks Party

If you’re looking for something that isn’t the traditional bachelorette or bachelor party in Sydney, we’ve got you covered. It’s a great team building activity and the perfect place for everyone to get to know each other before you jump into planning and celebrating the big day together. You’ll always want to make sure your pre-wedding event is one to remember, you and the gang will be talking about this one for a while to come! Don’t be surprised if the next couple to get married follows suits, and eventually you can get through all of our trails!

You can choose a trail that stops in at a local bar if you’re still wanting to throw in some drinks and banter.

If you like to play games and have prizes at your celebratory events, you might be pleased to learn we have a leader board program, so get competitive and have the prizes ready for the best and fastest team!

Hen Party Adventure Clues

Cheeky cocktails anyone?

A Get Together!

As life goes by, it gets harder to stay in touch with our friends. Work, starting a family, school runs and the stresses of day to day life really take away our ability to sit down and relax over a coffee and chat every day. Planning an event in advance when everyone has the chance to take time off and organise baby sitters (or even organise to bring the little ones along) gives everyone something to look forward to and allows for some quality catch up time while making new memories! We think any of our adventure trails are great for this event, but we love the Street Art Melbourne trail where you can all stop in at one of the bars along the way.

It’s so much fun solving cryptic clues, and you get a rush when you get to your next destination to find you had it right! Getting the hints and solving clues together is really a great way for everyone to catch up.

Just like we mentioned in the birthdays section, this is a great choice when not everyone knows each other since it’s a fun environment to get to know each other without being too full on. It’s an activity that ensures no one is left out of the conversation! Wait for the word to spread about on the most fun things to do in Sydney!

Team Building for Companies

Team work makes the dream work – and there’s not better environment to help encourage team work, separate the leaders and foster positive relationships than a Sydney scavenger hunt that requires everyone to put their heads together and work towards the same goal (hello, ultimate subliminal metaphor for strategic direction).

An adventure trail can also help everyone learn a little more about each other and get along well, and we’ve often seen the trails bring teams closer together. Positive working relationships are the foundation of a successful team environment! Not to mention, solving cryptic clues, working from hints and using your logic is a great critical thinking exercise that most workplaces can benefit from! If you’re wanting to treat your workers, choose a trail that stops in at a local bar for a little staff party time.

Adventure Trails can also tailor your adventure, so if you’re the boss why not have yourself giving a clue to surprise your workers half way through!

A Date!

Break the ice and show your adventurous side by organising a fun Sydney scavenger hunt with your date! It’s a great way to see how well you work together, and have fun solving cryptic clues, having a laugh and exploring the city together. For a little more of an intimate setting, we recommend choosing the Street Art Melbourne trail where you can stop in at one of the bars along the way, or Unlock the Rocks where afternoon bookings include a stop in at heritage underground bar and incorporate some lovely romantic walking while you wander down hidden alleyways and into mysterious courtyards. It’s a great memory to last a life time when you find your own little hidden get away together!

Date Ideas Sydney

Romantic Spots..

Do it Solo!

Whether you’re a tourist or you live in Sydney and know there is so much more to discover – self-guided adventures on your own schedule is one of the best things to do in Sydney, allowing you to discover hidden places, cool bars and even learn a little about yourself. Yeah it’s true! Adventures are actually a fantastic source of self-development, check out our blog about it here.

So there you have it! If the fact that one of the best activities in Sydney and many more cities to come didn’t have you sold, then there’s a list of great events you can use to hit the trails! Not to mention, literally becoming better for it. We can’t wait to see you out there!


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