Fun ways to get fit in Sydney

One thing about city living is that it’s always busy! However, being on the go all of the time can sometimes mean we forget to take care of ourselves properly – whether it’s jumping on the tram to avoid being late for work or school, or grabbing take out because there’s simply not enough time to cook tonight, we can start to neglect our bodies and our health without even realising it.

Let’s be honest, when you finally get some down time, the last thing some of us want to be doing is meal prepping or hitting the gym for an intense session after a long work week while juggling families, businesses or study as well. You can say goodbye to a social life!

So, what’s the solution? How can you stay fit and healthy all while having fun in Sydney? We’ve compiled a great list of activities in the city to help you figure it out (and plan your next day off with friends).

Group Fitness Classes in Sydney

Booking an outdoor group fitness class with your friends in Sydney is a great way to get in some social time, some exercise and some sunshine all in one fun setting. Classes like yoga, spinning or boot camps can equip you with some fun new skills and leave you feeling fresh instead of sore unlike a heavy weights session at the gym the day before you need to go into work.

There’s sure to be a fun fitness class you and your friends will all take an interest in, and you can find some suggestions and places to book by clicking here.

Do a ‘Thrilling’ Activity

We love exercise that doesn’t FEEL like exercise, so booking a day at the ice skating ring or roller skating plaza is a really great way to catch up with your social circle without expressly stating there’s a lot of movement involved.

There’s so many places about, whether its rooms filled with trampolines or a skydiving simulator, there’s sure to be an activity set to take your breath away and leave you with a lot of fun memories.

Sight See

There are some pretty BIG landmarks in Sydney. From the Harbour Bridge to the Sydney Opera House, these huge, Sydney exclusive activities involve a lot of walking. While we couldn’t a bridge climb light cardio, it’s certainly a great group activity for those more among the advanced level of fitness. For those who sigh at the thought of walking, distract yourself with a trip around the zoo! A few hours of seeing amazing animals will have you forgetting you’ve even been exercising this whole time.

Adventure Clues

Adventure Clues is definitely our favourite way to get fit and have fun, although we are a little bias so you should try it for yourself. With Adventure Clues, you can race against a team or the leader boards and discover some new, hidden places in Sydney!

If you’re looking for a more gentle form of exercise, you don’t have to speed around either – there’s no set time for an Adventure Clues trail! You can stop along the way for a (healthy) packed lunch, or maybe forget the fitness for now and indulge in an exclusive cocktail. Hey, everything in moderation!

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