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  • What is Adventure Clues?

    Adventure Clues is the new way to explore your city. Solve cryptic clues on our web app and you will be taken on an adventure of discovery. Simply select the trail of your choice, head to the start location, click on the link we send you and away you go.

  • Can we take part as separate teams?

    Yes, this is one of the best ways to enjoy Adventure Clues and challenge your friends. Select add another team at checkout. To best enjoy we recommend a maximum of four players per team and that you stagger your start time by 5-10 minutes so you don’t overlap.

  • What do the difficulty levels mean?

    Easy – Easy trails are designed for children to take part.

    Easy (Adult) – If this is your first time doing a cryptic trail and you’re not too confident then go for this option.

    Medium (Adult) – For those that like to think cryptically and are up for a good challenge.

  • How to start the game?

    You will receive detailed instructions by email and SMS on where to head to and how to play. You receive your unique link to use the web app. The trail is valid for 6 months and you can start the trail anytime within that period. It’s self explanatory from there on.

  • I can't access the web app?

    It may be that the data coverage on your phone is poor, once you have good signal the there will be no problem. We provide live text help at any time so simply send us a messge and we will help.

  • Leaderboard

    You will receive your time taken to finish once you have completed the trail. Your score will then be added to the leader board within 30 minutes and we will notify you so you can see how you compare to other teams.

  • Phone battery

    A no brainer but make sure you’ve got enough phone battery to last for the estimated duration of the trail.

  • When can I start the trail?

    You can start on the day you have purchased and have 6 months to complete the trail. Look at the trail details to see what time is best to start as some might be better done in the evening if you plan to have a break along the way in one of the bars or cafes.

  • Can you design a private course?

    If you have a large group and would like a tailored trail please get in touch with your requirements. We can design one local to your area and also get creative with the types of clues you would like. Adventure Clues is a great idea for team building. Contact us here.

  • Who are we?

    We are a team of people who share a passion for all things puzzling. We work hard to set clues around the city so that you can get out, have fun and discover.

  • Who can take part?

    We have specially designed trails to suit your taste. Whether you will be doing it individually, as friends or a family with children we have you covered. It is also great for team building and superb for corporate events.

  • Price of trails? & How can i pay?

    Prices range between $20-50. Please check the select a trail page for more detailed pricing information.

    Payment – We accept payment by all major credit / debit cards and Paypal.

  • I haven't received the play links?

    Sometimes the system may experience an error. Make sure to get in touch with us and we will send another email to you asap.

  • Does receiving the clues cost money?

    It won’t cost you any more than it normally does to use your mobile phone data 🙂

  • Can you play on two phones?

    Yes, you can play on a maximum of 4 phones per team. You need to select the number of players at checkout. The team captain receives the email with links for all the players. The team captain should then forward this email on to all the team members so they can also access the trail. With multiple people playing, anyone can answer the clue and the app will live refresh for everybody.

  • Gameplay

    You can either decide to go about things leisurely or try to post a good time on our leader board. If you get the clue wrong we will tell you that it’s incorrect, in which case you can use a hint. If you still don’t know the answer then click reveal answer and it will be provided for you along with the location to go to for the next clue. You will get 25 points for answering correctly the first time, Using a hint -10 points, or reveal will result in -20 points. You have unlimited attempts to answer the question correctly.

  • Top tips for solving

    Clues are designed to be cryptic so this will require some ‘outside the box thinking’.

    Clues can contain Anagrams (mixed up letters), hidden words, homonyms (words that sound like others e.g. peace and piece) and play on words amongst other little tricks 😉

    Some clues are more interactive than others. Senses they may involve are sight, touch, and hearing.

    Bring along some pen and paper as some clues will require some doodles and are easier to solve that way.

  • Search like a private eye

    Look high and low at buildings street names and signs etc.

  • Is there a time limit?

    – No, you can stop and start whenever you like within the 6 month period from purchasing your trail.

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