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The Best Scavenger Hunt in Sydney for Kids

Last Updated: July 21, 2024 Sydney
avatar By Daynah

If you’ve been looking for the perfect thing to do in Sydney with kids, you might be interested to learn a little more about Adventure Clues scavenger hunts. A scavenger hunt is a bit like a treasure hunt, except instead of finding gold you get a shortcut to the ultimate destinations around Sydney!

An Adventure Clues scavenger hunt makes for a great family day out in Sydney. Whether you’re local to the city, or a tourist looking for things to do with kids in Sydney while still hitting on all of the ‘must-see’ sights, Adventure Clues has the perfect trail for you.

Why choose a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt is a perfect choice for kids. A themed treasure hunt will get them excited for a day out away from their game consoles and screens. Not only do they get to learn, but they also have a lot of fun. It’s a full day out with a lunch break included – the perfect full day for a fun family!

There are a few factors that make a scavenger hunt the perfect activity for families in Sydney, let’s look into them below.

Encourage teamwork

When participating in an Adventure Clues scavenger hunt, the whole family will work together to solve clues and get to the destination. This is a great activity for siblings, cousins and even school friends.

Teamwork is a vital skill and a scavenger hunt is a fun way to incorporate learning it into your little one’s weekend! If your little one is only just starting school, this is the perfect way to introduce teamwork and fair play before they get there.

Get active

Adventure Clues’ scavenger hunts take place outside. Particularly, the Mad Botanist trail for kids takes place in the Sydney Botanic Gardens. This is a safe space to run around (supervised, of course) and gets the whole family out and about.

Spending time outside is a great experience for kids, especially in a place that is as interesting as the Botanic Gardens.

You can find out more about the location by clicking here.

Encourage learning

When your little ones are thinking hard to solve clues, they might not even be realising how much they’re learning! The Sydney Botanic Gardens are rich with information on the history of Sydney, native plants of the country and a lot of great insects and eco-systems to explore.

Quality time together

A scavenger hunt with your kids in Sydney will encourage interaction between themselves, as well as with you! They’ll have some questions and you can help them solve clues. It’s a great way to build on a bond.

Since Adventure Clues is flexible and some trails even have lunch breaks scheduled in, there’s a care-free factor to this treasure hunt based activity.

The Mad Botanist Trail

Adventure Clues is very excited to announce the release of their Mad Botanist trail. While a lot of our trails are family-friendly, The Mad Botanist has been developed especially for your little ones to play and solve!

It follows the storyline of a mad botanist who has escaped from a secret laboratory.

Your little ones have been enlisted as special detectives, tasked with getting the mad botanist under control!

Why the kids will love it..

The clues from The Mad Botanist trail are delivered via the phone app as with all other trails. They are crafted from comic strips where Professor Whiz and The Mad Botanist get to interact!

It’s a fun learning game where they get to save Sydney (and the world) from The Mad Botanist’s dangerous potion.

Here are a few images that you’ll see from the comic along the way.

mad botanist scavenger huntmad botanist

They’ll love to follow along with the comic and discover the hiding places of the mad botanist while they explore, learn and interact with the environment around them.

Spark the imagination and creativity of your little ones and watch them light up while they save the world from the deadly plant potion! This is an activity they’ll be talking about for weeks to come!

Activate your little explorer and make positive memories with your family that will make an impression for a lifetime.

What’s in it for the parents?

The Sydney Botanic Gardens are a beautiful scenic location for adults. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, these huge gardens will always have something worth seeing. Of course, parents are always looking forward to the chance to spend some quality time with their little ones and have a lot of fun.

This trail accommodates a lunch break, so you do get to have a restful time with your family while enjoying something to eat together. The Mad Botanist trail is also pram / stroller friendly, so you’ll be able to play along regardless of the ages of your children.

You can find out all of the details about the new The Mad Botanist Trail for Kids by clicking here!

A fun filled family day out in Sydney!

School holiday activities in Sydney for the whole family have never been easier to find. Adventure Clues has the perfect treasure hunt for kids in Sydney.

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