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Presgrave Place

Last Updated: July 20, 2024 City Secrets
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Visit Presgrave Place to find hidden content you can share. Tour the art lanes or have yummy street food you might like.

Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


Presgrave Place looks ordinary from the outside but is a hidden gem of artwork when you step into the lane. It has art pieces of all genres that will leave you awestruck. From framed illustrations of art with aboriginal inspiration to semi-circular faces with a hint of exaggerated oddness, bloody red dolls, and gruesome creatures you can view, the lane has everything that will intrigue a person’s interests.

You can see artwork framed, letters written on the wall, sculptures, or even pictures. There is no specific genre for the Presgrave Place artwork lane. People place their art there for the public to behold and appreciate.

You can also enjoy delicious street food sold by the local vendors just outside the lane. These foods include coffee, pastries, cheese, chocolate, gelato, market fresh fruits, and anything else you might love to have. These treats will give you an authentic local experience while in Melbourne.

The Story

The first items to appear were the photo frames mounted to the brick wall. Initially, they included low-cost reproductions of European art. The pictures are long gone, but the frames remain on the wall and are utilized by new artists. More picture frames and art pieces have been produced over the years. Presgrave Place has never been polished, unlike the narrow lanes covered in aerosol, so it is a collection of stories.

The alley and its frames first featured on ABC’s Not Quite Art, hosted by Marcus Westbury, in 2007, after Melbourne’s graffiti art industry had been active for nearly a decade.

Presgrave Place is a legacy of Melbourne’s service alleys, an expansive dead-end sandwiched between numerous tiny commercial complexes. A few companies still keep their garbage bin around the block, but it’s not an unattractive location. It’s not easy to find because it’s off Howey Place, which is off Little Collins Street (opposite David Jones).

framed artworks at Presgrave Place photo by Jacqui Szyrpallo

What is Presgrave Place in Melbourne also famous for?

You can come and discover Presgrave Place for its well-known vibrant, and unique artwork on the walls. Its walls have graffiti and several framed paintings.

And the nice part about all of this is that these art pieces evolve often. You may not see an art piece after a month as artists constantly place their creations on the wall, replacing the older ones.

Did you know?

How to get there in the present?

Presgrave Place is located off Howey Place, just south of Little Collins Street, between Elizabeth and Swanston Streets. You can go to Swanston Street by following public transport:

Bus: 234, 251. 302, 350, 605, and 907.


Tram: 48.

If you are going to Elizabeth Street, then the following transport lines have routes that pass near it:

Bus: 220, 251, 302, 350, and 605.


Tram: 59 and 67.

Nearby parking to the location and cost

You can park your vehicles at the following spots:

Nearby Attractions on the Map – Make A Day Of It!

Make your day more adventurous by visiting these cool list of places next:

The award-winning place is one of Australia’s most exciting sites, where you can learn about the special connection between opal and dinosaurs.

The original theatre is an iconic building constructed by American town planner and architect Walter Burley Griffin and his companion Marion Mahoney Griffin.

Top 5 Closest Hidden Gems – Recommended By Adventure Clues

Destination Distance
Federation Square 800 m
Hosier Lane 650 m
Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Walk 850 m
Coop’s Shot Tower 850 m
Ponyfish Island 1.0 km

Your Hidden Gems Itinerary

  1. Start your day at Presgrave Place
  2. Head towards Federation Square (Fed Square), just a short walk away, to immerse yourself in the city’s cultural hub. Explore the diverse events, exhibitions, and public spaces.
  3. Wander through Hosier Lane, to witness vibrant street art and expression.
  4. Continue your journey to the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Walk, a 500-meter stroll, offering insights into Aboriginal art and culture.
  5. Explore the historical Coop’s Shot Tower, for a glimpse into Melbourne’s industrial past.
  6. Conclude your day at Ponyfish Island, either by a scenic walk along the Yarra River or a short tram ride, where you can unwind and enjoy the riverside ambiance.

Melbourne’s hidden gems offer a rich tapestry of experiences, seamlessly blending cultural, historical, and artistic elements. Navigating these diverse locations provides a unique and authentic perspective on the city’s character beyond the well-known attractions.

Top eateries

You can have good food at the following restaurants nearby worth trying:

This eatery offers a range of food options, including Italian, Mediterranean, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

A French cafe and true French creperie serving delicious food and desserts.

Entry price for the view

There is no entry fee to explore Presgrave Place in the present.

Sailing Graffiti at Presgrave Place photo by Jo Morcom

Final Thoughts

Presgrave Place in Melbourne is a hidden place renowned for its ever-changing set of vibrant street art, showcasing diverse genres and providing a unique experience for visitors.

Australia values art and creatives. Treat yourself to a trip to a wonderland of creativity by booking Melbourne Scavenger Hunts by Adventure Clues.

FAQs for the laneway gallery in the city

Explore more about Presgrave Place, a hidden treasure in Melbourne renowned for its vibrant backdrop of framed art nestled within the city’s bustling streets.

What is Presgrave Place in Melbourne?

Presgrave Place is a popular location in Melbourne known for its vibrant street art. This small alley is located between Little Collins Street and Howey Place, hidden away in the heart of the city’s central business district in Victoria, Australia.

What is unique about Presgrave Place?

What sets Presgrave Place apart is its unique collection of framed art. The entire alley serves as a public gallery, featuring various framed artworks hung on the brick wall, creating a lively Melbourne street art scene.

How can I find Presgrave Place on a map?

You can find Presgrave Place on a map by searching for its location in the city of Melbourne, Australia. It’s situated between Little Collins Street and Howey Place in the heart of the city.

Are there any good restaurants near Presgrave Place in Melbourne?

Several renowned restaurants are located near Presgrave Place. Given its central location in Melbourne, it is surrounded by a variety of dining options catering to different tastes and budgets.

Who are some of the people that have contributed to the street art in Presgrave Place?

Various creatives have contributed to the vibrant street art in Presgrave Place. However, these works are usually unsigned, keeping the artists’ identities a part of the alley’s mystique.

Are there other laneway galleries in the city?

In addition to Presgrave Place, Melbourne boasts several other laneway galleries that showcase its vibrant street art scene. AC/DC Lane pays tribute to the legendary rock band with its unique fusion of art and music, attracting both music enthusiasts and art lovers.

Rutledge Lane, near Hosier Lane, offers an alternative artistic experience with thought-provoking murals by local and international street artists, contributing to Melbourne’s reputation as a street art capital. Union Lane, known for stunning paste-up art and depictions of iconic characters, provides a lively canvas for artists, offering visitors a distinct and memorable artistic encounter.

Does Presgrave Place feature any aboriginal-themed street art?

Yes, you can find aboriginal-inspired street art amidst the diverse collection in Presgrave Place. Some artists pay homage to the indigenous culture of Australia through their thought-provoking creations, adding a touch of cultural richness to the laneway’s vibrant art scene.

Is there a guided walking tour available to explore the laneways and their artistic treasures?

Yes, guided art walks are a popular way to explore Melbourne’s hidden laneways, including Presgrave Place, and their artistic wonders. Local experts and guides offer immersive experiences, providing insights into the history, cultural significance, and meaning behind the artwork along the city’s laneways.


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