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Newtown Street Art

Last Updated: May 28, 2024 Sydney
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For every art enthusiast, the Newtown Street Art in Sydney is a short walk they will surely remember.

Newtown NSW 2042, Australia


The streets of Newtown are considered a free outdoor gallery for street artists. The area has been attracting artists that create several murals and artworks in distinctive timelines. The following are some of the most famous and artsy murals:

photograph of Martin Luther King I Have a Dream mural in Newtown

1. “I Have A Dream”

Year: 1991

Artist: Aiken and Pryor

It is the most photographed artwork in the lane and features Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the famous American civil rights activist.

The lower part of the mural has been slightly modified and given a modern touch. It is listed as a heritage landmark by Marrickville Council.

2. Africa

Year: 1990s

Artist: Chas. Scally & Co.

The mural’s initial form included a replica of an antique map made by the Australian business Chas. Scally & Co., most presumably in the 1960s. The new version, which was graffitied over the previous one in the early 2000s, represents the significant changes in the African political landscape over the last decades.

3. Live Outside

Year: 2017

Artist: Shannon Crees, George Rose, and Ruskidd

This artwork was for Jansport’s Live Outside promotion organised by Teak SF. It is vibrant and good for your pictures.

4. Hide and Seek

Artist:  Kyle Hughes-Odgers

This mural was created on the side of a home on the junction of Mary Street and Lennox Street and is a comparatively recent piece. It was developed as a component of the regional Perfect Match initiative.

5. Wyrd Sisters

Year: 2017

Artist: Ox King

The artwork depicts three blue-skinned ladies, allegedly influenced by witches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and represents the park’s strange personalities, creatures, and trees.

The Story

Since the 1980s, the region surrounding Newtown has been noted for its diverse spectrum of famous murals and art installations on walls.

It all began when two artists painted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with the quote, “I have a dream.” without the approval of the local council. The mural became so popular among the masses that it became Australia’s most photographed street art.

After its popularity, the town council decided to collaborate with local street artists and expand this famous initiative by founding the Perfect Match Program. This program connects landowners with blank walls and individuals who want to paint them.

What is Newtown famous for?

This place is a favourite for its artworks and the different cultures it represents. There are murals in the Newtown area featuring characters from novels and inspiration from famous authors. The street is well-known among the masses for its vibrant artwork that serves as a background for Instagram-worthy pictures.

An example is the mural painted on Enmore Road by the acclaimed local artist Fintan Magee. Phibs, a graffiti artist renowned for his distinctive style intertwining nature and symbolism, also contributed.

How to get there?

You can go to Newtown by using the following transport lines:

Bus: 370, 422, 423, and 430

Train: T9

Newtown area graffiti and street art

Nearby parking and cost

Most of the murals are located on the southern side of King Street. The nearest parking spots and their costs are

Nearby Attractions – Make A Day Of It!

The suburb of Newtown is located in the inner west of Sydney, and has various attractions to make your day full of adventures:

It is a unique and exciting historical escape room with one-of-a-kind games and custom puzzles.

It was Sydney’s principal burial place for 20 years after its opening in the mid-1800s.

Top 5 Closest Hidden Gems – Recommended By Adventure Clues

Eveleigh Treehouse 1.9 km
Marrickville Organic Food Market 1.9 km
Paddington Reservoir Gardens 6.1 km
Forgotten Songs, Sydney 7.4 km
Badu Mangroves 14.1 km

Your Hidden Gems Itinerary

  1. Start your day at Newtown Street Art.
  2. Next, visit Eveleigh Treehouse: Begin with this imaginative treehouse, offering a unique urban experience.
  3. Then go to Marrickville Organic Food Markets: Enjoy fresh, local produce and vibrant market life for a mid-morning activity.
  4. Explore Paddington Reservoir Gardens: Connect to this historic site, beautifully transformed into a public garden.
  5. Take a stroll at Forgotten Songs: Reflect at this art installation that commemorates the songs of Sydney’s lost birds.
  6. End your day at Badu Mangroves: Conclude with a visit with nature in the serene environment of these mangroves.

Exploring these locations near Newtown Street Art offers a diverse experience, from artistic urban spaces to tranquil natural settings, embodying the multifaceted appeal of Sydney.

Best eateries

Following are some eateries around the street:

A cute cafe serving handmade and plant-based artisan gelato with coconut milk.

This place merges well with the great street art as its building, located on the vibrant Bedford Street, is also covered in graffiti. Their burgers and fried chicken are popular in the city.

Entry price

The entry to Newtown Streets is free of cost.

Final Thoughts

The Newtown Streets serve as a vibrant, open-air gallery, showcasing a rich array of murals that encapsulate diverse narratives, making it an unmissable cultural landmark in Australia. There are numerous murals painted in Newtown, ranging from humanist protest against the sterility of postmodern art to the celebration of cultural diversity.

Experiencing Sydney’s artistic and culturally-rich side has never been better! Book Sydney Scavenger Hunts by Adventure Clues to explore Newtown Street with a new perspective.


Explore more questions about the vibrant art scene at Newtown, its prominent artists, and ways to experience it.

Who are some of the prominent street artists in Newtown?

There are several remarkable Street Artists who have contributed to the street art. Key figures include Andrew Aiken, Ox King, and Juilee Pryor. Their art works have added colour and energy to the streets of Newtown like King Street, Lennox Street and Mary Street.

Where can I find Street Art in Newtown?

You can explore the artwork around Newtown by taking a self-guided tour around King Street, Enmore Road, Station Street, Chelmsford Street, and the corner of Australia Street and Lennox Street.

Is there any Newtown Street art tour available?

Yes, there are various tours organized for people interested in exploring Newtown. These Newtown Street Art walk tours allow art enthusiasts to appreciate the works and understand their significance. You can also take a self-guided tour.


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