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Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance

Last Updated: May 28, 2024 City Secrets
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The Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance is a significant war memorial, honoring Victorians who have served in global conflicts. It offers visitors a place for reflection and learning about Australia’s military history.

Birdwood Ave, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia


The Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance, located in Kings Domain on St Kilda Road, is a major war memorial originally dedicated to the Victorians who served in World War I. Its imposing classical design commands a panoramic view of the Melbourne skyline, serving as a poignant reminder of sacrifice.The Shrine is a focal point for military and remembrance ceremonies, particularly on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. Its galleries and exhibitions provide educational insights into Australian military history, making it a significant cultural and historical site.

The Story

The Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance was built in 1934 as a solemn tribute to the Victorians who served in World War I, envisioned as a place of reflection and national pride. Its design, influenced by classical architecture, serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by service members. Over the years, it has been expanded to honor all Australians who have served in subsequent conflicts, enhancing its role as a comprehensive memorial site.The Shrine not only offers a space for commemoration but also serves an educational purpose, with exhibitions and ceremonies that help younger generations understand the impacts of war. It stands as a central element in Melbourne’s cultural and civic activities, particularly during significant events such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, drawing thousands to its steps in collective remembrance.

Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance at day photo by Donaldytong


What Is Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance Famous For?

The Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance stands as a major monument in Victoria, dedicated to honoring Australians who have served in war. This impressive structure, inspired by ancient Greek architecture, offers a solemn place for reflection and commemoration. It hosts significant annual events like ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, drawing thousands of visitors in a collective act of memory and respect.The Shrine not only serves as a place of commemoration but also as an educational resource, with exhibitions and guided tours that provide insights into Australia’s military history. Its location, commanding views over the Royal Botanic Gardens and Melbourne’s skyline, adds to its stature as a pivotal civic landmark. The Shrine’s ongoing educational programs and commemorative activities ensure that the legacies of those who served continue to be remembered by future generations.

Did You Know?

How To Get To The Iconic Landmark

The following transit lines have routes that pass near The Shrine of Remembrance.

Bus: 220, 246, 250, 604, 605


Tram: 3-3A, 5, 6, 64, 72

Taxi: Go Catch, Uber, OLA

Nearest Parking and Cost

360 St Kilda Rd – $8/2hrs

2 Bowen Cres – $7/2hrs

13-21 Palmerston Cres- $6/hr

Nearby Attractions – Make A Day Of It!

Reflecting at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance? Nearby, explore these places.

This massive 38-hectare park features over 8,500 plant species grown in themed gardens, lakes, and walking trails.

It is Australia’s oldest and most visited art museum, housing an impressive collection of international and indigenous Australian artworks.

Top 5 Closest Hidden Gems – Recommended By Adventure Clues

Destination Distance from Shrine
Royal Arcade 1.3 km
Hosier Lane 1.5 km
Old Melbourne Gaol 1.6 km
The Block Arcade 1.7 km
Fitzroy Pool 2.2 km

Your Hidden Gems Itinerary

  1. Start at the Shrine of Remembrance.
  2. Head towards the Royal Arcade: Experience its charming atmosphere and boutique shops.
  3. Wander to Hosier Lane: Admire the vibrant street art and immerse yourself in Melbourne’s urban culture.
  4. Walk to the Old Melbourne Gaol: Delve into the city’s convict history.
  5. Continue to The Block Arcade: Enjoy stunning Victorian architecture and upscale boutiques.
  6. Head to Fitzroy Pool: Conclude your day with a relaxing swim or sunbathing session.

As the day winds down, consider extending your evening by experiencing Melbourne’s unique urban vibe, from its art installations to its public spaces.

Best Eateries Around

Various options for a meal can be found near the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance.

The Kettle Black blends classic cafe fare with modern Australian cuisine, all served in a chic, heritage-listed terrace house.

Their menu boasts a variety of classic Thai favorites as well as bold and adventurous options, making it perfect for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance at night photo by Scott Sandars


Entry Price

The Shrine has free entry.

Final Thoughts

The Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance serves as a poignant reminder of Australia’s wartime history, offering a solemn space for reflection and remembrance. It’s a place of significance that connects visitors with the sacrifices made for national peace.

Reflect on history at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance. Melbourne Scavenger Hunts by Adventure Clues offers guided tours to deepen your understanding.

Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance FAQs

Address questions about the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance, a major historical site dedicated to honoring the memory of those who served in conflicts.

When is the best time to visit The Shrine of Remembrance?

Check busy times and typical weather patterns to decide the best timing for your trip.

Month Avg. Temp (°C) Avg. Rainfall (mm) Tourist Crowds
January 20.3 45 Very Busy
February 20.3 50 Very Busy
March 18.4 40 Busy
April 15.2 55 Quiet
May 12.6 45 Quiet
June 10.4 50 Very Quiet
July 9.8 40 Very Quiet
August 10.5 45 Very Quiet
September 12.2 55 Quiet
October 14.3 55 Quiet
November 16.5 65 Busy
December 18.4 60 Busy

What are the opening hours of the Shrine?

The Shrine is open daily (except Good Friday, Christmas Day and select maintenance days) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The last entry is at 4:30 pm.

Is there a dress code for visiting the Shrine?

While there’s no formal dress code, the Shrine is a place of remembrance and respect is highly encouraged. Visitors are recommended to dress modestly and refrain from wearing overly revealing clothing. Silence is also observed throughout the building.

Are there guided tours available?

Yes, the Shrine offers free 45-minute walking tours from the Visitor Centre every hour (except midday). You can book a tour online or sign up at the information desk on the day of your visit.

What facilities are available at the Shrine?

The Shrine offers a visitor center with restrooms, a cafe, and a bookstore where you can purchase souvenirs and educational materials related to Australian military history.

Is the Shrine accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, the Shrine is committed to accessibility. The Visitor Centre and the Education Centre are step-free. Galleries, the Crypt, and the Sanctuary can be accessed by lift. While the lift doesn’t reach the Balcony, wheelchairs are available for loan during your visit (subject to availability). There are also designated disabled parking bays opposite the Shrine on both sides of Birdwood Avenue.


Shrine Of Remembrance parking – free or cheap lots, garages and street meter spots (

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