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Jane's Carousel

Last Updated: June 24, 2024 New York
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Jane’s Carousel is located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and features 48 hand-carved horses. Restored from its original 1922 design, it is enclosed in a glass pavilion designed by Jean Nouvel.

1 Old, Dock St, Brooklyn, NY 11201


Nestled within the Brooklyn Bridge Park, it is a beautiful 1922 classic carousel that offers a touch of nostalgia against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. This amusement, encased in a glass pavilion designed by architect Jean Nouvel, provides a ride for children and adults alike. With its horses and chariots, it serves as a bridge between the past and present.

Its addition to Brooklyn Bridge Park has not only enhanced the recreational offerings of the area but also symbolizes the revitalization of NYC’s waterfront. Its presence offers a light experience for visitors, combining the joy of a traditional carousel ride with views of the East River and the city beyond.

The Story

This classic 3-row carousel was crafted in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and originally installed in Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio. Saved from auction in 1984 by Jane and David Walentas, it underwent an extensive restoration process before being gifted to the park and opened to the public in 2011.

The story of the place is one of preservation, community, and joy. It stands as a testament to the power of dedication and the importance of public art and recreation in urban spaces. As visitors of all ages ride the horses, they partake in a living history that connects past generations with the present, making the carousel a beloved landmark in the revitalized DUMBO waterfront area.

bird's eye view of Jane's CarouselSource

What Is Jane’s Carousel Famous For?

It is a multi-layered wonder. Originally built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1922, it captivated crowds as the Idora Park merry-go-round in Youngstown, Ohio. However, when the park closed, its future seemed uncertain. Thankfully, it wasn’t destined for the scrapyard! Saved from auction, it received a historic designation and became the first carousel ever listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

This wasn’t the end of the story, though.  Jane and David Walentas saw its potential and embarked on a painstaking restoration process.  Sadly, the original Idora Park location by Water St. wasn’t an option, but a new permit allowed it to be reborn in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Here, architect Jean Nouvel designed a transparent pavilion, a modern cube that houses the carousel.  This unique combination – an old carousel in a contemporary glass enclosure – has become a beloved landmark.

Did You Know?

How To Get There?

The following transit lines have routes that pass near the destination:

Bus: B62, M15, M55


Subway: 2, A, F

Accessing it is convenient via multiple modes of transportation. For those preferring public transit, the nearest subway stations are York Street (F line), High Street (A, C lines), and Clark Street (2, 3 lines), with a short walk to the park.

Bus services like the B62 and ferry services at Fulton Ferry Landing offer alternatives for those coming from different parts of the city or seeking scenic routes. For visitors driving, nearby parking garages on Water Street provide spaces. Whether you’re local or a tourist, getting to the park to experience this carousel is made easy by its central location in DUMBO, NYC.

Nearest Parking and Cost

Here are some of the available parking spaces near the place:

17 York St. – Dumbo Valet Garage – $20
100 Jay St. – Valet Garage – $17
135 York St. (135 Jay St.) – Front & York Garage – $18
200 Cadman Plaza West (75 Henry St. – Valet Garage) – $22

Nearby Places To See – Make A Day Of It!

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Statue of Liberty

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Top 5 Closest Hidden Gems – Recommended By Adventure Clues

Destination Distance
Brooklyn Botanic Garden 3.7 miles
Green-Wood Cemetery 4.2 miles
Brooklyn 4.3 miles
Greenwich Village 4.4 miles
The High Line 4.8 miles

Your Hidden Gems Itinerary

  1. Start your day at Jane’s Carousel. enjoying the vintage charm of this ride.
  2. Take a short walk to Brooklyn Botanic Garden, via bus or subway from the carousel for a serene botanical experience.
  3. Next, visit the peaceful Green-Wood Cemetery, accessible by taking a bus from the gardens.
  4. Walk across the iconic Brooklyn, for a scenic journey to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.
  5. Stroll through the charming streets of Greenwich Village, enjoying its bohemian atmosphere.
  6. Conclude your day by venturing to The High Line, a unique elevated park experience.

In a day centered around the carousel, you’ll experience nostalgia, urban beauty, and diverse neighborhoods, highlighting the hidden gems that make New York City a city of constant discovery.

Best Eateries Around

Check out these popular dining spots near the carousel, offering joyful meals that match the place’s whimsy.

Bread & Spread

Bread & Spread in New York City is a casual eatery known for its simple yet delicious menu, offering a variety of freshly baked bread and flavorful spreads in a laid-back setting.

Time Out Market New York

Time Out Market in New York City is a vibrant culinary destination featuring a curated selection of diverse and high-quality eateries, offering a unique and authentic taste of the city’s vibrant food scene in a casual, communal setting. It’s a place where local flavors and culinary innovation converge for an enjoyable dining experience.

Jane's Carousel with Manhattan Bridge in backgroundSource

Entry Price When The Carousel Is Open

Ticket price is $2. One child under 42” and one adult may share one ticket. Additional children under 42” require a $2.00 ticket.

Final Thoughts

Nestled in Brooklyn Bridge Park, the place offers a whimsical experience with stunning views of Manhattan. Its charm and nostalgia make it a favorite for families and romantics alike, embodying the joy and heritage of New York.

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Meticulously Restored Carousel of Jane FAQs

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about the carousel, located in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Learn about its history, operation hours, and how to enjoy this charming attraction with stunning views of Manhattan.

When is the best time to visit the carousel?

Evaluate the weather and crowd sizes to select a travel time.

Month Avg. Temp (°C) Avg. Rainfall (mm) Tourist Crowds
January 0.2 93 Very Quiet
February 5 93 Quiet
March 7.7 89 Quiet
April 12.6 94 Quiet to Busy
May 17.2 86 Busy
June 22.2 79 Very Busy
July 24.4 89 Very Busy
August 23.9 94 Very Busy
September 20.6 76 Busy
October 14.9 89 Quiet to Busy
November 7.8 94 Quiet
December 2.8 97 Very Quiet

What is the carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park and why is it famous?

The carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park is a beautifully restored 1920s merry-go-round. It was originally built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and installed in Idora Park. The carousel became a popular attraction but faced neglect after the park closed.

In the 1980s, it was purchased at auction by Jane and David Walentas, who spent years restoring it to its former glory. It opened to the public in its new home in Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2011, housed in a stunning pavilion designed by Jean Nouvel. Its location offers spectacular views of the East River, Manhattan Bridge, and Brooklyn Bridge, making it a much-loved place to see in NYC.

What makes it a historic piece?

It is considered a historic piece because it is a meticulously restored 48-horse carousel that was originally built in 1922 by the renowned Philadelphia Toboggan Company. This merry-go-round is notable for its age, craftsmanship, and the fact that it was one of the first carousels to be installed with two chariots, making it a significant piece of American amusement history.

The restoration by Jane Walentas and its re-installment in Dumbo, NYC, near the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, adds to its historic value and makes it an iconic attraction in New York City.

How can visitors access the carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park?

Visitors can access it by entering Brooklyn Bridge Park, specifically in the Dumbo area near the East River. The carousel is conveniently located between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, making it easily accessible by various means of transportation. Subway options include the F train to York Street, the A or C train to High Street, and the 2 or 3 train to Clark Street, each requiring a short walk to the park.

There are also numerous bus lines that serve the area, and for those driving, parking can be found in nearby lots or on the streets. Once in Brooklyn Bridge Park, signage and park maps will guide visitors directly to the carousel, nestled within its glass.

Are there special events or times when it is illuminated at night?

It often becomes even more magical at night, thanks to its beautiful illumination. The carousel and its pavilion are equipped with lights that showcase the carousel’s detailed artistry and create a glowing beacon in Brooklyn Bridge Park after sunset. While regular operating hours may vary by season, the carousel occasionally extends its hours during special events or summer evenings, allowing visitors to enjoy rides against the backdrop of the illuminated New York City skyline.

To experience these special night-time rides, visitors should check the carousel’s official website or social media channels for announcements about extended hours and special events that include night-time operations.

What are the ticket prices and operating hours for the carousel?

Ticket prices for the carousel are kept affordable to ensure that the attraction remains accessible to a wide audience. As of the last update, tickets for a single ride on the carousel were priced at a nominal fee, making it a cost-effective activity for families and visitors of all ages. The operating hours vary by season, with extended hours typically offered during the warmer months and reduced hours or closures during the colder, winter months.

For the most current information on ticket prices and operating hours, including any seasonal adjustments or special holiday schedules, visitors are encouraged to consult the official website or contact the attraction directly. This ensures that guests have the most up-to-date information for planning their visit.

Can you visit the place year-round?

Yes, it is open to visitors year-round, offering the chance to enjoy its beauty and nostalgia across all seasons. The carousel provides a warm, illuminated space that welcomes guests even during colder months. Please note that operating hours may vary, especially around major holidays, so checking the carousel’s official website or contacting them directly before planning your visit is advisable.

How was the carousel restored and maintained?

It was meticulously restored by a dedicated team led by Jane Walentas over a span of more than two decades. Originally built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and formerly an attraction at Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio, each of the carousel’s 48 carved horses was painstakingly stripped, repaired, and repainted to bring back their original splendor.

The commitment to preserving this beautiful carousel ensures it remains a cherished landmark in DUMBO, New York City, showcased within a contemporary pavilion designed by the Ateliers Jean Nouvel.

What Makes the carousel a unique part of Brooklyn Bridge Park?

Positioned in the scenic Empire Fulton Ferry section of Brooklyn Bridge Park, near the water’s edge, it stands as a symbol of joy and history amidst the urban landscape. Its location offers picturesque views of the Brooklyn Bridge, lower Manhattan, and the East River, making it a must-visit destination within the park. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the carousel adds a playful dimension to the waterfront, sitting alongside other attractions like the playground and the historic Empire Fulton Ferry and Pier parks, enriching the cultural and recreational fabric of NYC.


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