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Badu Mangroves

Last Updated: April 19, 2024 Sydney
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The Badu Mangroves have Sydney’s largest mangrove ecosystem, an iconic shipwreck, and a refuge for several endangered plant and waterbird species. Experience nature right in the heart of the city!

Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia


The Badu Mangroves is Sydney’s oldest and largest Mangrove ecosystem, situated between Bicentennial Park and Homebush Bay of the Sydney Olympic Park. The site features a restored habitat of coastal vegetation on the intertidal wetland along the Parramatta River.

A well-maintained elevated boardwalk transverses the 65 hectares of Mangrove Forest and Coastal Saltmarsh. It won the Project of the Year award at the first Boomtown! Awards, which the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue put on.

The boardwalk is wheelchair and stroller-friendly and ensures that you witness the fragile yet picturesque scenery without causing any damage to it. It is open to the public for 24 hours, so you have plenty of time to picnic, sit back, relax, and take a stroll, even at night-time.

Intersection of walk paths in Badu Mangroves with sign post for directions Source:

The Story

Abundant mangrove forests once surrounded the Parramatta River. After the European invasion, industrialisation eradicated most of the coastal vegetation. What was left suffered heavily at the hands of neglect and pollution.

Chemical waste from nearby industrial factories was dumped in the marshes, thinning the forests even more. People thought the trees weren’t crucial to the environment, which led to many chemical infestations in the Homebush area. The local marine life still faces long-term consequences, with fishing banned in the area due to traces of harmful chemicals in multiple organisms.

But in the 1990s, following several studies regarding the benefits of the trees on marine ecology, authorities commenced restorative works for their preservation. The undertaking was a component of the opening of Bicentennial Park, the Sports Center, and the Australia Center.

Did You Know?

What Is the Site Famous For?

It provides a dose of nature for anyone needing a little time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A wander among the lush green landscape and wildlife is revitalising.

The green site is also famous for its good soundscape. Spend a few minutes silently on the boardwalk, and you will hear the chants of multiple waterbirds and the gurgling of fish. There are cricket-like insects that inhabit the canopy overhead and contribute to the noise.

Shipwrecks are another unique attraction. There are several shipwrecks in the Homebush area that you can spot along the boardwalk. But the most famous one is known as the “Floating Forest.” The SS Ayrfield, which once cruised the water, now exhibits a variety of flora floating in the Paramatta River.

SS Ayerfield wreck at Homebush Bay Source:

How To Get There?

The area is a part of the Sydney Olympic Park. You can reach the parkland via bus or train. The followings are the routes and lines with nearby stops:

Nearest Parking And Cost

The Sydney Olympic Park has an extensive parking area with space for 10,000 vehicles. However, the closest spots are P10F, P6, and the Badu Mangroves Car Park.

Parking in a car park costs $6 per hour and $30 for the entire day. But there is free casual parking on Grand Parade, Olympic Boulevard, and Dawn Fraser Avenue.

Nearby Attractions – Make A Day Of It!

The site is surrounded by several other tourist attractions that can make your visit worthwhile.

Visit the southern hemisphere’s largest Victorian-style cemetery, with Australia’s oldest crematorium operating today.

Catch a game in this relaxed arena and stadium with decent seating and a nice view. The acoustics are pretty impressive too.

Top 5 Closest Hidden Gems – Recommended By Adventure Clues

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney 17.4 km
Forgotten Songs, Sydney 18.6 km
Elizabeth Bay House 19.9 km
Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden 19.3 km
Sawmillers Reserve 20.4 km

Your Hidden Gems Itinerary

  1. Begin your day at Badu Mangroves
  2. Then head to Royal Botanic Garden Sydney: Start with this intriguing diverse flora and fauna and explore this historic garden, for a peaceful retreat.
  3. Next, visit Forgotten Songs, Sydney: Next, go to this art installation featuring birdcages and sounds, a short walk from Badu Mangroves.
  4. Then proceed to Elizabeth Bay House: Visit this colonial-era house for a glimpse into 19th-century Sydney life.
  5. Explore Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden: Discover this hidden oasis, a perfect spot for a peaceful afternoon.
  6. Finally, end your day at Sawmillers Reserve: End your day with a tranquil walk in this harbourside park with stunning views.

These hidden gems in Sydney offer a blend of art, history, and natural beauty, providing a memorable and diverse experience within the city.

Best Eateries Around

There are several cafes, pubs, and restaurants within walking distance.

The bar is a popular coffee spot for people visiting the park for an event.

Famous for its food quality, Thai Palate is one of the best-rated restaurants near the Sydney Olympic Park.

Entry Price

An adult entry ticket to Sydney Olympic Park costs $8. Concessionary rates start at $6.20 and are available to students, pensioners, and seniors. Another option is a family pass, which costs $28.50 and allows entry for either one adult and four children or two adults and three children.

a section of a walk path in Badu Mangroves Source:

Final Thoughts

The Badu Mangroves, located in Sydney Olympic Park, serve as an essential ecological habitat hosting diverse fauna and flora, providing a unique insight into the importance of conservation and ecological balance in urban environments.

Who knew there was an ancient and preserved forest right in the middle of Sydney? Book Sydney Scavenger Hunts by Adventure Clues to discover more secret attractions in Sydney, treasure hunt style!

Sydney Olympic Park Badu Mangroves FAQs

Let’s answer your most pressing questions about Badu Mangroves – a unique and ecologically vital part of Sydney Olympic Park that Australian residents and visitors like.

What are the Badu Mangroves, and where are they located?

It is a large mangrove forest located within the Sydney Olympic Park in Homebush Bay, Sydney, Australia. It is south of the main park area and is a major part of the park’s wetland ecosystem.

Why are the Badu Mangroves important?

They play a crucial role as an estuarine habitat, hosting diverse wildlife and vegetation. This ecological community is vital for maintaining the health of the Parramatta River and Homebush Bay. Unfortunately, the trees were largely overlooked in the past, resulting in significant loss and degradation.

What is unique about the ecosystem in the Badu Mangroves?

The mangroves at Sydney Olympic Park are part of an endangered ecological community. They are home to over 200 species of native birds, including shorebird, pelican, duck and songbird, and various fish and plant species, making it a unique waterbird refuge within Sydney.

What facilities are available for visitors in the Badu Mangroves?

Visitors can explore the green ecosystem via a boardwalk built through it. It offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with this destination where mangroves were largely overlooked.

What is the Sydney Olympic Park Authority’s role in the Badu Mangroves?

The Sydney Olympic Park Authority is responsible for the management and conservation of the site. This involves working to restore and protect the mangrove and wetland areas within the park. It is constructed in the 1990s as part of the Sydney Olympic Park development.


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