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Turn your attraction in to a fun gamified experience.
Get your customers talking again with small interactive tours.

How It Works

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Apply to get access to the Adventure Clues Trail builder . We want to work with forward thinking and passionate travel businesses

Be Creative

Start to design your interactive adventure using our unique platform. Tailor it to your attraction with all the interactive features you need.

Expert Support

The Adventure Clues team is on hand to make your adventure the best 

Publish & Earn

Publish your adventure on our marketplace & your own website. You decide the sale value or keep it free for everyone. Congratulations you now have a new exciting experience for your tourism business 😊

Who is it for?

The Adventure Clues Trailbuilder is for attraction businesses who want to bring back customers in the short term and have fun gamified experiences for the long term

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See what the trailbuilder can do for your business


Engage Your Customers

Your customers will love the interactivity and competitive element  of your new gamified experience.

COVID-19 Measures

Host smaller and more personal tours to comply with social distancing.  Add new experiences and bring back paying customers even in this uncertain time

Understand Your Customers 

Gain insights to see what areas customers enjoy the most with analytics available for every adventure. 

Revenue Stream 

Generate a fresh revenue stream with this additional offering  for your tourism business. Sell your adventure on our marketplace or on your own site. If you have a gift shop why not make the trail or  adventure to finish there?

Boost your social media 

Every adventure offers the chance for your customers to upload selfies of them enjoying the experience. Upload to your social media accounts which your customers will love whilst also promoting your brand

Highlight key area of interest 

Build your adventure in a way that guides people to the most exciting and fun parts of your attraction. Add in did you know it facts, videos or images so that everyone is learning.

How Much Can you Earn?


Sales from Outside of Adventure Clues

You earn 70% of the revenue when you sell your adventures: in house, on OTA’s, affiliate websites, City Passes and the like. We help you to connect with these and get you up and running pronto.

Sales from Adventure Clues Website

We will list your adventure on our website and generate sales for you with our marketing team. These sales will generate you 30%.


You decide if you wish to add Upsellls to your adventures. For example add in some vouchers to a nice cocktail bar or any apparel you wish to sell. You keep 100% and are charged standard payment processing fees.   

Interactive Features For Your Customers

Trail Builder Dashboard

Your own easy to use dashboard to create  Adventures packed with
powerful features  to deliver the ultimate fun experience

who is it for?


Solo Travelers