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Custom Scavenger Hunt Team Building Sydney

Last Updated: July 16, 2024 Articles
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Adventure Clues is the perfect corporate team-building activity. It’s fun, unique and affordable for organisations of all sizes. Those aren’t even the best parts – here at Adventure Clues, we really know our cities – and we know scavenger hunts.

When you book a corporate trail, you can customise the clues and locations to help your team learn more about the business, connect better with the boss and maybe even get up to speed on policies!

Don’t just take our word for Adventure Clues being the best corporate event or corporate team-building activity, let’s have a look at this case. A former, satisfied client, Medtronic.

Medtronic’s Customised Corporate Team Building Trail

Sharon from Medtronic came to us wanting to organise an Adventure Clues trail for her team at Medtronic. Sharon wanted to create a fun team-building experience for everyone that didn’t feel like work, but included fun facts and knowledge about the business, too.

This trail was to cater to close to 30 people. We had a lot of fun with it, too! After a quick phone call, we recommended the base trail that best suited the time restrictions and location of the Medtronic team.

Once we had the base down, it was time to get customising!

How we customised this corporate team-building event

There are lots of elements that can be changed when customising a trail. This works exceptionally well for corporate events, birthdays and bachelorette parties! Here’s what we were able to change for the team at Medtronic – and what we can do for you!

Welcome Page

We were able to customise the welcome page to address the team members, the purpose of the activity and brand it to Medtronic.

We included a video that Sharon sent to us on the welcome page, introducing herself and the activity.

You can provide Adventure Clues with a short statement about who to welcome, what the event is for and provide your company logo. With our great team of Adventure junkies and copywriters, we can ‘jazz it up’ to be exciting.


We customised some clues to include a photo of Tim Fortin, the VP/GM of Medtronic ANZ. He was the picture bubble of the person asking the questions. It seemed like the team were getting directions straight from the head of the company!

A couple of the clues were customised the company trivia. This included questions like “when was Medtronic founded?”, “how many employees does Medtronic have in Australia?”, and “what is Medtronic Australia’s biggest business?”.

Further customisation came alongside this request from Sharon:

“One of our local colleagues suggested that we take a list of local words and include them in the scavenger hunt and players have to ask a local what they mean. Is this something your team could do for us? Could you maybe come up with a list of 5-8 local words and include them as clues?”

This one was a lot of fun, and we did the research for the team. You can see how different tasks like this would make Adventure Clues a whole lot of fun for any event!

We can also tell you some of the clues in advance. You can even send a video of someone from the business asking the question in the trail clues!

Answer Page

When you answer with Adventure Clues, you get a different ‘answer page’ depending on if you got the question correct. We’re able to customise these pages to include something related to the event or company.

Ready to make your next event an Adventure?

If this sounds like something your team would love and benefit from, simply send us an email or use the contact page to get chatting and organise something fun today! If you are using the Adventure Pro Platform it’s easy to create custom scavenger hunts for team building like this case study.

We will need around two weeks to get all of the information together and create your new event, and it’s totally worth the wait!

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