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Best Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

This is the Ultimate guide to Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids. It also includes a free virtual space adventure that all the family will love. 

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What is a Scavenger Hunt?

At their heart, a scavenger hunt is where people get together (it’s suitable for children and adults) and they are given a list of things to find and do. The game can be played indoors and outdoors and can cover as big or as little an area as you need. Generally, you need a person to be the game master, someone who designs and sets the rules for the game.

If you’ve ever watched the television show, ‘The Amazing Race’ that is basically a scavenger hunt that covers the world. They go to countries and have to visit places or complete challenges, and the first one finished is deemed the winner. Of course, you don’t have to offer any prize money for your scavenger hunt but giving the winner something aids in people’s desire to finish it quickly.

There are also scavenger hunt games that can be played on mobile devices. A recent popular one is Pokemon Go! this involved walking around to discover virtual creatures that the player could collect.

Another excellent source of scavenger hunts is online virtual treasure hunts, such as those offered by Adventure Clues. Most of these are question and answer based, with participants needing to figure out the answer by searching online web pages. In fact, Adventure Clues created a virtual Space Adventure hunt which has an engaging and interesting story for the children to follow and at the same time has educational qualities. It’s aimed at children of ages 4-10.



Scavenger hunts can be a lot of fun, and people of any age can complete them. You can start them with as little prep as making a list of objects to find in the home, or as elaborate as walking in a city searching for local monuments and other interesting items.

Check Out the Space Adventure Hunt

Scavenger hunts can vary greatly in the time they take and what form they offer. You can use online apps, or paid party planners, or design them yourself, or you can even download scavenger lists and play guides for free!

Generally, the more sophisticated the game, the more you’ll need help in setting it up, especially if you have never played or designed one before.

They are perfect for parties, or just an afternoon ‘killing-times’ session. The possibilities for scavenger hunts are nearly endless! The rules for the winners can vary greatly, but usually the person that collects all the ‘objects’, without breaking any rules, is declared the winner. If you’re not into the set up and design of a scavenger hunt, there are many available options for a paid scavenger hunt. These can range from a short quest all the way up to an international adventure.

Most kids and teenagers would be satisfied with the offerings of a scavenger hunt played through a mobile phone device. It allows them the freedom of exploration, as it takes the adult seemingly out of the equation, and rewards them for completing the hunt within a certain time frame.

You can sign them up and let them go, there is little that you need to do. It can be a perfect escape from the weekend planning that normally goes into preparing for a scavenger hunt.

At Adventure Clues we have created several story based treasure hunts that allow children to follow a story that is interlaced with educational questions. Some questions are text based and others include a puzzle element. With hints available for all the questions most children are able to answer them with little input from a parent. These treasure hunts have been created to be enjoyed by one player or many, it’s all up to the imagination of your child!

Here’s a sneak peak of the Space Adventure Storyline..

We have a special mission for you to carry out today. It has just been reported that our resident alien hunter, Doctor Sentori is missing! You’ve been assigned as young space cadets and we need you to follow the clues and find out where the Doctor has gone.

It may involve some research as you reach each location, as we have only a handful of clues as to the Doctor’s location.

You can proceed when you’re ready, but be warned some of the clues may need you to think outside of the box.

This Scavenger Hunt has some amazing illustrations and comic strip characters throughout to really get the kids imaginations going …



 Reserve a spot on the space adventure and play today! 


Play based learning

has been at the forefront of educational services. Children learn through play, if you can turn a learning experience into play structures than children are much more likely to retain that information and be able to recall it when asked.

Consider this, when you ask your child ‘what they learnt at school today’, you’d likely get a response of ‘not much’, but if you ask them ‘what did you play today?’, you’ll most often get a long list of all the activities they did with their friends.

It is all about finding and discovery, and it helps children learn at their own pace. It creates wonder and excitement at getting the object and ticking it off the sheet!

However, one important thing to note is that play based learning doesn’t usually allow for an adult making a lot of rules and guidelines. Using a scavenger hunt played on a mobile device can encourage kids to explore out on their own, as these can be played in the home or outside if you wish

Weekends, and school holidays, can be a minefield of, ‘what are we going to do today!’, and unless you want them in front of the television binge watching all manner of mindless shows, having an activity such as a scavenger hunt can be an excellent choice for even the most uninterested child.

You can start small and when they are hooked make your way up to harder and more complex challenges. If your children are stuck at home, you can try getting their friends involved by using collaborative video chat, such as Google Meets. This way they can challenge each other and show their friends what they have found.

Try to get the scavenger hunt planned before the weekend. You can complete this by collecting a series of objects that the kids need to collect, try to make them fun or interesting, while physical objects are good, you often need more than ones available, but by incorporating a camera phone you get get your participants to take a photos of themselves with the objects, instead of collecting them.

If you don’t have time available to create the game yourself, you can take advantage of scavenger hunt apps, or download a pre-created hunt from scavenger hunt websites.

 Play the Space Adventure


Children enjoy exploring their surroundings, they have a natural sense of wonder and seek to find things that may have a sense of value to them. By using a ‘discovery’ tool such as a scavenger hunt, they can drive the game and often the reward is nothing more than having a good time.


Usually occurs outdoors, but with many homes in Australia being surrounded by nature parks and other green areas, there are many places that you can go with your children and allow them to explore the big wide world. Having an activity on hand that can be played almost anywhere are scavenger hunts, you can make a hunt out on anything.

There are many types of hunts that will suit an outdoor environment, it can be nature based or urban based. Using tools like a phone can be a great way for kids to collect objects without actually needing to pick them up, although touching random items seems to be most kids’ favourite task!

Best of all when the kids are occupied with a semi-structured play, you can sit back and enjoy a coffee and watch them go at it. Or if you prefer you can join in, just don’t go too easy on them.Scavenger hunts are especially good when you are one holiday and are not too sure about what you can do for the day. It can help you and your family explore the place you are staying in.

Many museums and art galleries have incorporation scavenger hunts ideas into their venue to assist people getting around and learning about the art pieces. It can be a brilliant way for adults and young children to learn about things they have never heard of before.

Culture Based Games

These are an excellent way to help kids find out more about subjects that they may not have otherwise thought about. When you’re visiting a new region or during overseas travel it could be something as simple as tasting some of the food on offer or translating a local sign into your native language. The possibilities are endless, as long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!

Learning to get out and about in any city can be quite daunting for young people. There are many odd-looking maps and if you don’t know exactly where you need to go you can get on the wrong train, and be half way across the city before you know what is happening!

Incorporating travel into a scavenger hunt style game, can help kids learn how to read public transport schedules. Depending on your child’s age you may want an adult to accompany them, or they can work as a team.

For this style of scavenger hunt, ideally you would arm the kids with a mobile phone and be prepared to pick them up if they take a wrong turn and end up out the back of Burke! Although that’s fairly unlikely. Most kids are fairly savvy when left to their own devices and public transport staff are more often than not, very helpful for new travellersScavenger hunts can be a great way to teach your children all sorts of things. As far as an educational structure goes, it uses gameplay and rewards-based learning to teach your kids about how life works and more.

Using interactive play-based systems is a perfect way to get your kids to develop many life skills, and scavenger hunts make it fun! After the scavenger hunt you can talk with your kids about what they thought was the best thing that happened. This has a couple of benefits, in that you can see how your kids dealt with the scavenger hunt, and what things they may have found and learned along the way. It can also show you how to improve the hunt for next time, take on board what they are saying, what they found difficult or what was too easy and make changes for the next time.

Find a place to rest after the hunt, as they will probably be quite tired from the challenge. See if you can wrap up the hunt at a good place to relax and unwind, finishing with a meal can be a perfect idea.

Try to have a winner’s ceremony, and that way you can encourage your kids for the next event you host. There’s nothing like healthy competition to drive people to try harder at challenging events.

Physical Hunts

Create a secret code that people need to crack. You can make is something simple like, A=1, B=2, etc or you can use something a bit more sophisticated such as the ROT13 code (for this write out the alphabet in two columns with one on top of the other, you get two rows of 13 letter, now you notice that A=N,B=O, etc.).]You can really tailor this to the age of the participants. For very young children, you can give them a list of colours and they need to find an object of that colour. For older kids you can use paint swatches and they need to find as close as they can to the swatch and take a photo of the two together – closest matching photo wins!

  1. Shape and Colour Hunts: Use shapes and colours as starting points. Kids can either collect items or write down what they find. Each child can take a different room, and then switch rooms to compare lists. Whomever got the most unique items is the winner.
  2. Nature Hunts: Perfect for the outdoors. Find a good walking trail and set up the challenge to find animals and plant types. Use a camera to capture protected species. This game could also be played in the backyard.
  3. Holiday Based Hunts: Holiday-themed hunts are great for days off and are better if you can involve extended family. For example, a Christmas theme, where participants find specific decorations at the shopping centre.
  4. Alphabet Hunts: Great for younger kids learning their ABC’s. Have the alphabet written out on a sheet and they need to locate objects that start with that letter.

Virtual Hunts

  1. Internet Search Hunts: Have a list of random dates and challenge your participants to come up with an interesting or funny thing that happened on that day.
  2. Story Based Quiz: Following a story, go on a journey, and answer questions or solve puzzles to get to the next section.
  3. Movie Birthday Hunts: Start with a list of all the participants’ birthdays and they need to find out what the best movie release was in that year.
  4. Famous Quotes Hunts: Get a list of famous quotes and the participants need to find out who said it and why.
  5. Book Publish Dates Hunts: Give the participants a list of famous books, set them the challenge of finding one English version of the book and one non-English version of the book.
  6. Find a Photo Hunts: The internet is filled with amusing photos. For this hunt, you’ll need a theme. Set the list to be something along the idea of, find a cat doing something unusual.

Treasure hunts

Treasure Hunts are a perfect way to enjoy a day, especially if you’re stuck inside trying out a virtual treasure hunt. If you’re short for time in creating your own, you can purchase many excellent treasure hunts online. Many of these have been tested out and given the seal of approval from parents and other children.


 Free Space Adventure Here


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