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These 8 reasons will make you want
to do a Scavenger Hunt Today!

Last Updated: July 21, 2024 Articles
avatar By Sam Baldwin

Sssh.. Scavenger Hunts are Fun!

Let’s face it, there are only so many times you can go to brunch with friends or sit in a bar staring at your phone before you start to wonder if there is something more to life. But before you get too existential, it’s important to know that there is at least something better to do with your weekend and it involves getting your friends or family together and going on a scavenger hunt.   Adventure Clues is a new Australian company that has created city-wide scavenger hunts, an impressive addition to the list of fun things to do in Sydney and Melbourne that will mentally challenge groups of friends, families and even individuals who want to try something different.   But why bother putting in the effort when just sitting around is so easy? Well…

1. They are seriously fun!

The number one reason is simple. Who doesn’t want to have fun and that’s exactly what scavenger hunts are – fun! By simply beginning one of the specially designed Adventure Clues trails, suddenly you and a group are being productive and are banding together to problem solve in some of the most picturesque locations in the world. Whether you’re led to the iconic sites or discover something completely new, a scavenger hunt is a seriously fun way to get immersed in city life and be inspired by your surroundings.

2. You Get To Explore!

When arriving in a new city, one of the first things to do is explore what is on offer. A way to make this even more interesting and discover more than you planned is to combine the arrival with a scavenger hunt. It may lead to the spectacular views of Sydney Harbor or Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, or something not on the tourist map, walking around with the goal of finding X is going to make you take note of everything you see while getting from A to B and have a vacation to remember.

3. A Day of Exercise

Sure, you could go and sit on a stationery exercise bike in a dark room or you could get fresh air and fitness while walking through the streets on a mission. Burning calories while finding clues? What is better than that! Most of the Scavenger Hunts last around two hours or quicker if you are trying to post a good time, a cardio workout is guaranteed and will make the post-hunt drinks or dinner feel even more well deserved

4. Why Not Learn Something New?

Cryptic clues, problem solving and history lessons are usually left behind at school but in adulthood they’re fun skills to indulge. Rather than worrying about adult problems or stressing over the chaos of daily life, a scavenger hunt is an opportunity to give yourself a mental vacation. To solve the big puzzle, the web app will give cryptic clues that will need to be solved to complete the trail (learning lots of neat facts along the way). It’s almost a metaphor for life but more, much more fun.  

5. Some Healthy Competition!

A little healthy competition between friends and family never hurt, unless of course you lose. Adventure Clues recommends around four members per team, meaning that big groups have the option to split up and turn a scavenger hunt into a championship. Of course, for those who don’t want to see if they actually are smarter than their friends, it’s possible to compete against other Adventurous people and race to the leaderboard before the other teams get their first.  Does your team have what it takes to be the Adventure Clues champ?   

6. A Romantic Date

Adventure Clues offers an interesting and unique way to get to know someone new whilst watching the sunset and, eventually, celebrating the success with some post-scavenger drinks.

7. Teamwork

Corporate events can be even worse than bad dates. They go on and on, everyone gets bored and no one really learns anything. But on a scavenger hunt, employees will put to test all the skills they claimed to have on their resumes. Whether it is pitting departments against each other or versing the boss, a scavenger hunt makes for a fun retreat, business special event or Christmas party where useful new skills may be discovered to benefit the workplace. Trails can be customized to suit your needs.  

8. Family and Friends

In an increasingly busy world, getting time to spend with friends and family is a treasure in itself. Deciding what to do in Sydney and what to do when you’re finally all together is often the next challenge but with a scavenger hunt that is taken care of and the fun challenge of solving the clues can bring everyone together. With three different levels – easy (kids), easy (adults) and medium – there is something for everyone and an option for any kind of family. Whether enjoying a day with young kids or grown-up children taking parents out for the day, a scavenger hunt is a fantastic way for families to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company while doing something new.

View the great selection of trails to get hunting now!

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