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30+ Unusual Things To Do in Sydney in 2024

Last Updated: April 18, 2024 Articles
avatar By Marium Tariq

30+ Unusual Things To Do in Sydney in 2024


Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities of Australia – the main attractions being its stunning beaches and a vibrant night life. The view of the city is also incomplete without its several heritage-listed sites right in Sydney’s CBD. It’s a great city if you’re looking for fun things to do while also enjoying culture and modernism.

But contrary to popular opinion, Sydney isn’t all about the Sydney Opera House or Harbour Bridge.  There are many more things to see in this amazing city. It is filled with unique experiences and historical charm. And this guide will lead you down a less-traveled path of the city. Let’s uncover hidden gems and corners of Sydney. So, are you ready to enjoy the 10 unusual things to do in Sydney?

Unique Things Around Sydney Harbour Bridge

Cockatoo Island Near Sydney CBD

First on our list is Cockatoo Island. An old convict shipyard and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you’ll find abandoned shipyards, convict buildings, and also great views of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

For 130 years Cockatoo Island was the hub of manufacturing and repairing ships. It all started in 1857 with a special dock called Fitzroy Dock, which was the only one ever built by convicts in Australia.

Cockatoo is one of the best places for you if you enjoy old buildings, distinctive terrain, and breathtaking Sydney views. The island’s Popular attractions include campground accommodations, picnic spots, and waterfront cafes.

Cockatoo Island
Image Source:

Botany Bay Sculptures 

Botany Bay is a place that unities the Aboriginal and European history. It is also a perfect place for a family picnic. As Botany Bay has something to offer for everyone. Here are some of the activities you can find at this place: 

mother and calf whale sculpture at Botany Bay

MacCallum Pool

This cool pool is right on the water in Sydney! It’s in a beautiful spot called Cremorne Point. It was initiated by an Olympic Swimmer Fred Lane in the 1920s. Later a local resident  Hugh MacCallum reconstructed it, so the pool was named after him. The pool gets its water directly from the sea, but don’t worry there are no sharks. 

The pool is famous for its cool history and amazing views. You can see the city, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Opera House from here. Swimming here feels like you’re in the ocean, but safer place to splash around. There’s a wooden deck around the pool and a fence to keep people safe. One part of the pool is shallow for kids, and the other side is deeper for grown-ups. 

Sunset over Sydney, taken from MacCallum Pool, Cremorne/Sydney, Australia

The Rocks

This historic neighborhood is an ancient landmark in Sydney. It is a great place to see old convict houses and listen to the stories of the past.

It was originally known as Tallawoladah by the Cadigal people. In the early days, it had simple houses made of wattle and daub. Later on, the natives built buildings using local sandstones that gave the area its name.

If you’re a history lover then The Rocks is your go-to place. Visit it and you can also explore Sydney Harbour’s sparkling shoreline, peek down hidden alleyways, and discover shady courtyards.

The Rocks

Elizabeth Bay House 

Elizabeth Bay House used to be the home of Alexander Macleay, who was basically the number two guy in Sydney back in colonial times, after the governor, of course! The house is a fantastic example of how people built things way back then in Australia.

When it was first built people called it the “fanciest house in the whole colony”. These days, you can visit Elizabeth Bay House on Sundays and Mondays. So, if you’re curious about old-timey Australia, this place should be on your to-do list.

The house itself is super cool looking, with a special kind of architecture. It also used to have amazing gardens that everyone loved.  The rooms inside, the furniture, and even the grand staircase are all sure to amaze you. 

inside view of Elizabeth Bay House with staircase

The Coal Ladder 

Right by the old docks on the western side of Waverton Peninsula, there’s a special spot where history comes together in a cool way.

For thousands of years, Aboriginal Australians, the Cammeraygal people, lived in this area. They even left behind a giant rock carving that’s still there today! It’s such an important part of the story that they protected it when they built a new Sustainability Center nearby.

This spot used to be a busy coal loading station for ships, but it closed down after many years of service. In 1997, it became a park, and in 2003, it officially belonged to the North Sydney Council.

The Council teamed up with a bunch of people to figure out how to turn this old station into the amazing Coal Loader Center for Sustainability that you see today.

So, if you’re looking to explore the historic part of Sydney do add Coal Ladder to your list. 

bird's eye view of The Coal Loader

Quarantine Station

If you want to relive the past, Quarantine Station is the perfect place for you.

Quarantine Station is one of Australia’s oldest places. This historic site at North Head played a crucial role in protecting Sydney from nasty outbreaks.  For over 150 years, it was the first stop for many arriving from faraway lands.

They had to develop Quarantine Stations because at that time many illnesses were arriving with the incoming population. The Stations held people suspected of carrying diseases like Spanish Flu or Smallpox, keeping Sydney safe.

While it ultimately protected the city’s growth, the Station’s history is filled with fascinating stories.  Tales of love and loss mingle with accounts of cultural clashes, medical advancements, and a changing society.

Quarantine Station

Things To Do In Sydney’s Cocktail of Cultural Experiences

Chinese Garden of Friendship

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a peaceful place to relax in Sydney. It’s far away from the busy city streets. Here you can walk along curvy paths and see amazing buildings, calm ponds with colourful fish, and many beautiful plants.  There’s something new to see around every corner.

Moreover, if you like to dine out in the area you can visit The Gardens by Lotus. It’s a special old teahouse that serves delicious food like dumplings and special Sichuan dishes. Here you can also enjoy traditional Chinese tea.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Dixon Street Precinct

Sydney is blessed to have a diverse cultural environment. Dixon Street is one of the examples of this diversity, it’s just like a walk through Asia. Here’s what you can find at Dixon Street:

Sydney Fish Market

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind Sydney’s Fish Market? Well, a guided tour can help you explore that. A normal fish market tour can include:

The tour is a great way to learn about the Sydney Fish Market and the Australian seafood industry. It can be a great adventure for you especially if you’re planning to get into this business.

Sydney Fish Market 

Marrickville Organic Food Markets 

Calling all foodies and fun-seekers! Every Sunday, the Marrickville Organic Food Market pops up at the Addison Road Community Center. This outdoor market isn’t just about buying groceries, it’s a happening place for the whole family.

Here’s what makes it special:

Best Unique Things To Do in Sydney – Sydney Scavenger Hunts

If you’re planning for cool and unusual things then you must try some of the Scavenger hunt tours. An adventure can help you live your dreams and leave that busy life behind for a while. Here are a few adventures you can hop on.

Bloomin’ Botanic Gardens Sydney 

One of the most unusual things on your list can be an adventure in the Botanic Garden.

This self-guided treasure hunt winds through the gardens, leading you to unknown gems and breathtaking views. So, crack cryptic clues, starting from grand fountain gates, and “go troppo” in the tropical paradise!

Here you can find the Devil’s Tongue plant and some other rare species of the world. You’ll find a plant here named after Lady Gaga. if you feel hungry during your journey you can enjoy a meal at a charming cafe.

The Secret Garden Trail is perfect for families and friends. It can be a quick adventure or a full-day outing. ️ So grab your team, lace up your shoes, and head to the Sydney jungle for a bloomin’ good time!

Royal Botanic Garden
Bloomin’ Botanic Gardens Sydney

Bondi Beauty

Going to a beach is a good plan. But we can make it even better with an adventure. Presenting for you the Bondi Beauty Scavenger Hunt!

Your adventure will begin from the iceberg pool. Solve your first clue and move along the coastal path, feel the ocean spray, and uncover hidden sculptures and ancient Aboriginal rock carvings.

And while you create a plan to discover your next clue, you can stop for a coffee break and refuel your energy. During your journey, you’ll also get to enjoy the beach culture. Watch surfers playing with the waves, skaters shred the ramps, and fitness freaks pumping the iron at the outdoor gym.

Ready for more?  The hunt takes you beyond the beach, exploring the charming streets of Bondi for tasty eats and trendy drinks.   No swimsuits needed, just your thinking caps and a sense of adventure!

Bondi beach
Bondi Beauty

Newtown – Adventure Into The Alternative Newtown’s Adventure 

Ready to discover Sydney’s hippest hood? This quirky scavenger hunt takes you on a wild ride through Newtown, Sydney’s alternative haven.

Ditch the normal busy life and explore the side of Sydney you never knew existed. As in this adventure, you’ll explore the coolest spots of the town and funky street art that’ll have you bragging to your friends.

Can you solve all 12 clues and discover the secret backstories of these of Newtown? If you’re ready to take the challenge then grab your shades, bring up your inner adventurer, and get ready to explore the alternative side of Sydney!

Newtown Sydney

Secret Sydney – Explore Sydney’s Hidden Laneways

If you’re thinking of unique and unusual things then Secret Sydney Adventure should be on your list. As this adventure can help you live your childhood dream.

Your task will involve cracking 14 cryptic clues and unlocking Sydney’s hidden streets. Navigate through charming laneways, past secret speakeasies, and vibrant street art. This isn’t child’s play! Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Completing the challenge will you a reward. And you will also get detective stats and detailed insights into these undiscovered gems. So, are you ready to accept the Secret Sydney Mission? Let the adventure begin!

Secret Sydney Laneways
Secret Sydney

The Mad Botanist – Botanic Gardens Trail For Kids 

Are you a parent? Here’s a fun adventure you can enjoy with your children.

A Mad Botanist is on the loose. He’s making a dangerous potion and he only needs one final ingredient to create a never-before-seen monstrous plant. Join the team of Professor Whiz to save the day.

You’ll need to follow the clues and find the missing ingredient before the Mad Botanist. But be warned, the gardens are tricky to navigate, and the clues are clever!

This interactive trail is perfect for a family day out. Kids will learn fascinating facts about plants, while parents enjoy an adventure. ‍‍‍ Spark your imagination, challenge young minds, and save the day! Will you answer the call? The Mad Botanist awaits…

Mad Botanist
The Mad Botanist

The X – Fierce Nights & Neon Lights 

Calling all history buffs and cocktail connoisseurs! ️ Ready to travel back in time to the twenties and thirties?

This thrilling scavenger hunt throws you into the heart of Kings Cross, the notorious underworld haven. Solve 13 cryptic clues and walk in the footsteps of infamous female gangsters like Kate and Tilly Devine.

This isn’t just a crime tour! Get lost in the trendy bohemian subculture of the era. Admire the vibrant Victorian architecture and discover a secret foodie footpath perfect for a delicious bite.

Feeling thirsty after your time warp adventure? We recommend a detour to a hidden speakeasy bar along the route. So, dust off your flapper dress or fedora, grab your best friend(s), and mix yourself a martini.

Kings Lane
The X (Kings Lane)

Unlock The Rocks– Discover Australia’s Most Historic Area

We’ve already recommended the rocks, but this time it’s different. We have a historic adventure for you.

Follow 13 cryptic clues and meet the colourful characters who once called The Rocks home. Find amazing backstories and piece together the incredible history of this important area.

Your mission? Locate the “Captain’s Ship”, a key part of The Rocks’ rich past.

This adventure isn’t for the faint of heart! Wander down hidden alleyways, peek into mysterious courtyards, and maybe even spot Sydney’s shortest street! Just watch out for the mischievous “Rocks Push” gang.

Think you can crack the clues and unlock the secrets of The Rocks? Complete the challenge, and we’ll reward you with your detective stats and detailed explanations of all the sights you encountered. Let’s go!

Unlock Rocks
Unlock The Rocks

Quirky Things for Your Holiday Plan

Outdoor Cinema

Are movie buffs in Sydney? We all love comfy cinemas, but what about catching a flick under the stars?

Yep, summer in Sydney means outdoor movie screenings! From new releases to classic tearjerkers, and comedies to heart-pounding thrillers, there’s something for everyone.  These open-air cinemas are popping up all over the city, so you won’t have to travel far.

Just grab a blanket, pack some snacks (or grab them from the yummy food stalls that are usually there!), and cozy up with your family, friends, or even your furry friend (some cinemas are dog-friendly!).  It’s the perfect way to enjoy a movie under the beautiful Sydney sky.

Outdoor Cinema

Figure 8 Pools 

The Figure 8 Pools aren’t man-made – they’re cool rock pools shaped by nature over time!

However, getting there is not easy like other picnic destinations. To get there, you start at the Garrawarra Farm car park. Then, it’s about a 2-hour walk along the coast track. The walk is scenic, with a jungle loop, cool views, and a nice boardwalk. The journey is long but it is adventurous. 

There are other rock pools along the way, but none as special as Figure 8. This one is famous for its perfect figure 8 shape!

rock figure 8 pool with clear water

Shark Island 

Calling all Sydney explorers who want a perfect island escape without going too far. 

The Shark Island sits right in the middle of Sydney Harbour, inside the National Park. It’s not too big, but it provides amazing views of the whole city, including the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. 

Shark Island is covered in green grass making it a perfect spot for your picnic plans. You can also find cool caves along the shore to explore. 

So, if you want to see Sydney from a special spot and have a fun day out, Shark Island is the place to be!

bird's eye view of Shark Island

Swing at Dudley Page Reserve 

Swing at Dudly is a super fun playground and a beautiful place for an outing. It’s located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and has amazing views of the city skyline. 

This park is not for only kids, it’s for everyone. Here kids can enjoy the slides and adults can sit, relax, and enjoy the view. And there’s even a walking path along the coast for people who want to get some exercise. 

The park was built by the Waverley Council and has become a favorite spot in the eastern suburbs. At first, it was just a quiet park, but the best part is that it’s right next to the coast, with views of Bondi Beach! Because of the walking path and the great location, the park quickly became popular with both locals and tourists. 

The council made the playground even better, and now it’s a favorite spot for families to have a fun day out. Over time, the park has even started hosting events, especially around New Year’s Eve when people come to watch the fireworks over the bridge.

vast green space at Dudley Page Reserve with sign

Sawmillers Reserve 

⁤Sawmillers Reserve is one of the city’s hidden gems. ⁤⁤It’s famous for its beautiful nature, cool old industrial vibes, and amazing views of the harbour. ⁤

⁤One special thing about the park is the rusty wreckage of an old barge. ⁤⁤The jagged metal looks cool and adds a touch of history to the scenery. ⁤⁤Visitors also love the wooden stairs and deck area, which reminds everyone of the park’s past. ⁤

⁤Moreover, there are walking paths lined with all sorts of local plants. ⁤⁤Here you can just relax and watch the peaceful harbour. ⁤⁤And while you’re there, be sure to walk through the park and read the signs that tell you about the area’s industrial past. ⁤

⁤This park is close to downtown, Luna Park, and some restaurants, so it’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists who want a quiet place to escape the city noise.

shady green space at Sawmillers Reserve

The Palm Beach Bible Garden 

The Bible Garden is a beautiful hidden spot in northern Sydney that combines peacefulness and nature. It has a special collection of plants and amazing views of Palm Beach. 

This beautiful garden was built by Mr. Robinson in the late 1960s. He wanted to create a place for quiet thinking and meditation, inspired by the amazing view. Later on It became a haven for plants in 2007.

They have plants from the Bible there, so you can see the kind of things that might have been around in those times. There’s even a plant similar to the burning bush that Moses saw!

a square table at The Bible Garden, Palm Beach

The Grounds of Alexandria

Looking for a place in Sydney that’s more than just a cafe? Look no further than The Grounds of Alexandria! This cool spot is like a playground for your senses.

Imagine wandering through themed exhibitions – maybe it’s flowers galore, or a celebration of coffee! After that, treat yourself to their famous coffee and pastries. We’re talking delicious brews and melt-in-your-mouth goodies that are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

The Grounds of Alexandria isn’t just about the food and drinks though. The whole place buzzes with a fun, lively atmosphere, making it a great spot to hang out with friends or explore on your own.

The Grounds of Alexandria

Picnic With Great Views of Nature

Parramatta River

If you want to enjoy nature you can add Parramatta River to your holiday list. Here you can glide through the river and explore a hidden ecosystem teeming with life. You’ll also see amazing birds like white-faced herons and kookaburras soaring through the trees. Keep an eye out for darting fish and mudskippers clinging to the roots. These are just a few things as there’s always more to discover.

Parramatta River 

Want to have a serene day out with yourself in the heart of Sydney? Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden, one of the worst kept secrets in Sydney, is secret, aloof, and a literal art piece.

A hidden garden sounds like a fascinating place. Wendy’s is precisely that. A public garden and much-loved oasis in the heart of Sydney. The Secret Garden is nestled behind Luna Park in Lavender Bay.

The Secret Garden is famous for its rambling pathways with several sculptures. People come here to enjoy a picnic lunch, relax with a book at one of the tables beneath the garden’s canopy, or simply enjoy the nature and serenity of their lovely surroundings.

Wendy Whitley's Secret Garden
Wendy Whitley’s Secret Garden

Picnic at Camp Cove:

Sleep under the stars with the sound of waves lapping at your tent at Camp Cove! This beautiful beach campsite is located in Sydney Harbour, at Watsons Bay.

Imagine waking up to stunning harbour views, then spending your days swimming in crystal-clear coves or kayaking through hidden inlets. Explore the fascinating Aboriginal rock carvings etched into the sandstone cliffs, a glimpse into Sydney’s rich history.

Camp Cove offers a unique escape, combining nature, history, and relaxation – all just a short ferry ride away from the city!

Camp Cove

Let’s Move Around Sydney for Natural Attractions

Badu Mangroves 

The Badu Mangroves is the oldest and largest Mangrove ecosystem of Sydney. You can find it between Homebush Bay and Bicentennial Park of the Sydney Olympic Park. It is a restored habitat of coastal vegetation along the Parramatta River. 

It also has a fantastic elevated walkway that winds through the 65 hectares of this flourishing ecosystem, perfect for wheelchairs, strollers, and anyone who wants a comfortable adventure. 

And the best part? This isn’t just a daytime escape. The boardwalk is open 24/7. So you can pack a picnic lunch and soak up the sunshine or enjoy the beautiful night sky. So, when are you visiting this amazing paradise?

The Boardwalk through the Badu Mangroves in Sydney

Jenolan Caves

Let’s move to Jenolan Caves, where you’ll dive into a wonderland under the Blue Mountains. This incredible place is like a fairytale coming to life. It feels like majestic stalagmites are rising from the ground, beautiful stalactites are hanging from the ceilings, and crystal formations are shimmering in the light.

History buffs will love exploring the Imperial Cave, where Aboriginal artefacts have been found, offering a glimpse into the lives of the first people who knew these hidden wonders. Feeling adventurous? Challenge yourself with an “adventure caving” experience, crawling, squeezing, and climbing through undeveloped sections of the caves with only a headlamp to light your way.

No matter your age or interests, the Jenolan Caves have something for everyone. It’s a chance to witness the power of nature and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Jenolan Caves

Hunter Valley Wineries:

Raise a glass to a delicious escape in the Hunter Valley, a world-famous wine region just a short drive from Sydney! This beautiful valley is a haven for wine lovers, offering a chance to sip on delicious vinos and soak up the stunning scenery.

Imagine spending a leisurely day exploring charming cellar doors, each offering unique experiences.  Sip on crisp Sauvignon Blancs, and bold Shiraz reds, or explore lesser-known varietals – there’s a perfect drop for every palate.  Friendly staff will guide you through tastings, explaining the winemaking process and the unique characteristics of each vintage.

But the Hunter Valley isn’t just about food and wine! The rolling hills and lush vineyards create a picture-perfect backdrop for relaxation. walkthrough scenic vineyards, take a hot air balloon ride for breathtaking views or simply relax at a luxurious spa.

Hunter Valley Wineries

Paddington Reservoir Gardens 

Paddington Reservoir Garden used to be a place to store water, but now it’s a cool park in the suburbs. 

In 2009, some clever people were given the job of turning this old water place into a fun spot for everyone. They decided to show off the old parts of the building and even let the park go on top of it!

The coolest part is that the garden and a pond are actually below the street, and you walk down a special pathway to get there. There are also two roofs that look like big hats from where you can enter the park.

This amazing garden mixes old and new things together, like reusing wood, metal, and bricks from the old water station. These gardens have won the Australian Award for Urban Design, so this definitely has something special to offer. 

bird's eye view of Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Collins Flat Beach 

Manly has a secret beach, It’s hidden away in the National Park, near North Head, and another beach called Little Manly Cove. 

The water here is calm, not like the big waves at other beaches. It’s a great spot to swim if you don’t like crowds.

This beach has a cool surprise, a waterfall that flows right down onto the sand It looks like a pretty island beach. Getting there is easy. Just drive to Collins Beach Road and park your car. Then just walk for a few minutes and you’ll be there.

waterfall at Collins Flat Beach showing natural tannins accumulating on the water pool

Forgotten Songs of Nature 

Do you wanna enjoy the beautiful songs of nature in the bustling city life? Head over to Forgotten Songs, where you can listen to bird sounds of the oldest times. 

This permanent artwork isn’t your typical paint-on-canvas affair.  Instead, it’s a captivating soundscape woven from 180 empty birdcages, each playing a melody from Sydney’s forgotten past.

Commissioned by the City of Sydney and brought to life in December 2011, the Forgotten Songs is an emotional reminder of the city’s vibrant avian history.  Imagine Sydney before the clamor of traffic and towering skyscrapers.  The soundtrack that fills the air with the Forgotten Songs is a selection of bird calls, each one a whisper of the city’s natural soundtrack.

There are over 50 species painstakingly chosen by artist Michael Thomas Hill. He created his list based on the bird skins available in the Australian Museum dating back to the 1850s. He then reconstructed the symphony of birdsong that once filled Sydney’s skies. 

level view of Forgotten Songs cages above Angel Place

Manns Point 

Manns Point is a special place in Sydney, different from other suburbs. It’s on the lower north shore and has a long history. People lived there for thousands of years before Europeans arrived. The Aboriginal people called the Cammeraygal clan lived there first. Sadly, sickness and other problems forced them to move away in the 1830s.

Later, a big house made of sandstone called Greenwich House was built in 1836. It’s still there today! The house belonged to different people over time, and the Mann family lived there for almost 100 years.

Manns Point is like a beautiful rug woven together from the stories of Aboriginal people, the history of buildings like Greenwich House, and a fun connection to a place far away in London. It’s a place worth checking out, even in a busy city like Sydney. There are hidden stories everywhere, waiting to be found!

view of the city skyline from Manns Point

Milk Beach

Milk Beach is a hidden gem tucked away in Sydney Harbour National Park. It is not crowded with tourists, and that’s what makes it special!

Here’s what you’ll find at Milk Beach:

Heads up: Because it’s a bit remote, there aren’t any bathrooms, lifeguards, changing rooms, shops, or restaurants right on the beach. Be sure to pack everything you need for your beach day. If you do need facilities like restrooms or food, you can visit nearby spots like Strickland House, Shark Beach, or Neilsen Park.

Milk Beach with an overview of lots of boats

Eveleigh Treehouse 

The Eveleigh Treehouse is not your typical treehouse though – this one is made of metal.

Local artist Nell, along with some art friends from Cave Urban, created this artwork. They went to Eveleigh Works, a super old blacksmith shop (one of the last ones in the world!), and used steel to make giant shapes like gum tree leaves.

The “treehouse” is actually two connected parts that look like pods hanging low to the ground. To climb between them, there’s a neat staircase made from recycled wood and more steel.

This whole project was brought to you by Daniel Mudie Cunningham, who wanted to add some artistic flair to the inner-city area. So next time you’re planning for a trip in  Sydney, keep an eye out for the Eveleigh Treehouse – a unique piece of art made from metal leaves.

view of Eveleigh Treehouse from the ground showing the connected stairs and bridge

Want to See The Sydney Ultimate Guide?

Hand crafted by The Adventure Clues Team, this is the Ultimate Sydney Guide. Full of Interesting and secret places, some of which even the locals don’t know about.  Read Sydney Ultimate Guide Here.

Conclusion: Unusual Things To Do in Sydney

As you reach the conclusion of this guide, we hope you’re brimming with ideas for your Sydney adventure.  Whether you crave a dose of history, a taste of adventure, or a chance to commune with nature, Sydney has something for everyone.  So lace up your walking shoes, grab your sense of wonder, and get ready to discover a side of Sydney you never knew existed.

Choose Adventure Clues Sydney Scavenger & Treasure Hunts today for an exciting day out with a twist. Happy exploring!

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