Adventure Clues Giveaway

Can your team win the Adventure Clues time challenge? Compete against others to win XXX


Hi There,

To celebrate the launch of Adventure Clues we are giving you the chance to do The Trail ‘Unlock The Rocks’ for FREE.

If successful you will be competing against 10 other teams on the day to see who can solve the cryptic clues in the quickest time. With this s you will be taken on an adventure down hidden alleyways and mysterious courtyards and discover the incredible history of The Rocks in Sydney.

Teams of between 2-4 players are required. The team captain will be responsible for organising their team members. To make things more even, teams cannot run. However a fast paced walk is permitted.

Which team can keep their cool, solve all of the clues and be the champion of ‘Unlock the Rocks’ to win XX?

To go in the draw, simply sign up to the mailing list by clicking the button below.

The winner will be announced on XXdate on our Facebook page so make sure you LIKE The Adventure Clues page to find out if you’ve got a spot for your team in the challenge!

Good luck from the Adventure Clues Team.

Terms and conditions: The Adventure Clues teams to compete in the challenge will be drawn at random using randomresult.com. The teams selected will be announced on xx date. The winning prize is XX experience valued at $XX. One entry per person. The successful teams will be notified via email and the names will be published on Facebook, Twitter and the Adventure Clues website. The winning team is the fastest team around the trail whilst adhering to the rules set on the day. Entries remain the property of Adventure Clues and may be republished.

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