Explore your city in a series of fun cryptic clues…

How Adventure Clues Works

things to do in sydney


Select a fun cryptic trail that suits you and register your team name. Our trails take you on an interactive adventure around the city to uncover lots of cool hidden gems. We will have you thinking like a wizard in no time!

what to do in sydney


Head to the start location and begin the clues via our specially designed web app. Your mission is to solve them all. Up for an extra challenge? Then compete against others to be crowned top of the leader board.


Our trails take you to the best parts of the city.  We provide you with lots of fun facts and information along the trail so your always learning. It’s the perfect way to explore a new place and have fun with friends and family.

Why Adventure Clues?

You can explore and learn about sydney tours with Adventure Clues


By exploring the city like you’ve never done before you will be surprised to uncover lots of little known facts.

There are many romantic places to visit near sydney

Romantic Date

Some of our trails take in spectacular views. Perfect for a picnic stop with your partner in crime 😉

Sydney trails on Adventure Clues are family friendly

Family friendly

Specifically designed trails for kids mean that they can let their imagination run wild.

Participate in unusual things to do in sydney trail and get ranked in our leaderboard


Fancy yourself as the adventure clues champ? Then get competing to be on the leader board.

Teamwork is great for Sydney trails


Great as a corporate or teambuilding event.

There are many fun places in sydney for your friends.


Do something different for a change?

join our sydney trails and exercise your mind and body


Exercise your mind as well as your body.

individuals can also participate in adventure clues trails


Get out and about the fun way!

Featured Trials

secret sydney trail is the best way to find sydney attractions
this trail is ideal to find new places in sydney
Street Art Melbourne is a sydney must see
"A new fun way to explore Sydney"
Tripadvisor Rating
"Adventure Clues let's you explore your city and make unexpected discoveries"
'An impressive addition to the list of fun things to do in Sydney
"This is a really fun way to explore parts of Sydney that you probably otherwise would have no idea even existed. two very enthusiastic thumbs up!


– Rebecca and Chrispie – Team Chrispie

5 out of 5 stars

"We thought Adventure Clues was so much fun. We discovered so many interesting parts of the city."


– Alex & Katie – Team Avengers

5 out of 5 stars

"It was the most enjoyable way to explore Sydney at your own pace with friends. Would definitely try another trail "

    – India & Crystal – Team India

5 out of 5 stars


"Adventure Clues was heaps fun! Really easy going, fun for all ages and educational. I would recommend it for fun days out in the city with mates "


– Ron – Team RonPower

5 out of 5 stars

Adventure Clues
Exploring cities the fun way

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